The Crown Wears the Naked King
~Taina Amayi​

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement

of human freedom. It is the argument of

tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."

~William Pitt The Younger​

The crown wears the king, and the king is naked.

Attempting to be subtle, his disdain for life screams

out like a raspy crow in a field of genetically

modified corn. ​

A vast majority of people are calling the current situation "a crisis." Is it? How did it become this "life threatening crisis?" Is it Nature? Or is it something nefarious, created in a laboratory? Is it real? Or is it a hoax? One thing for certain is that it has created an environment so hostile, and so saturated with primal fear, that the very essence of humanity has become mutated, deformed, unrecognizable. ​

What you are about to read will seem like some horror science fiction novel, and I highly recommend that you not believe me, but rather, to research the petri dish of the criminal syndicates of the governmental/military/corporate/industrial complex, and all the players involved. It would take many books to cover the entire scenario, so I will offer tidbits of information to "whet your appetite" for more. Please Note that many who have debunked the "invisible enemy," and exposed the truth, have been censored, banned, and even murdered. Therefore, I do not write this lightly, despite the slight levity I might add.​

Let us begin.​

Both Native and non-Native people have reacted with almost identical responses to what is called a pandemic caused by some "nova corona virus," which is alleged to have killed more people than the bubonic plague, all because the "experts" said so. Now, I am not a medical doctor, or medical professional of any kind. I do not claim expertise in virology, infectious diseases, et al. However, in order to "solve a crime," many disciplines are needed, in order to get to the bottom of causes and effects. ​
"To understand the artist, you must understand his art." ~ John Douglas, former Director of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), when studying the "art" of serial killers. To understand the current "crisis," we must understand the presentations of the so-called "experts," including those of "experts" who are not experts at all. ​
Let us start with "Event 201," which took place six weeks before the alleged outbreak of what was coined, "The Wuhan Virus" at first, then promoted to COVID-19, and now "impressively" called, SARS2-COVID-19. Say THAT ten times as fast as you can! ​
So what was "Event 201?" It was A drill held by "world leaders" to PREPARE for a pandemic. Hosting this wonderful dress rehearsal were The Rockefeller Foundation, The World Health Organization (WHO), and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

In 2017, Dr. Anthony Fauci "predicted' that "this [Trump's] administration was going to experience the worst pandemic in history." Ok, let us go there. How could these two characters know that this was going to happen two to four years in advance? As everything collapses around us, including by geoengineering, climate engineering, weather and biological warfare, etc., what do these two really have in mind for us?​
In 2014,The United States Congress put a stop [allegedly] to Fauci's gain of function (i.e. weaponization) of the corona virus, decrying its cost of maintaining the laboratories, and, of course, the dangers posed to the American people ("We already did this to the 'Indians,' but we can't do this to our own citizens... can we?"). Well somehow, from somewhere, $3.1 to $3.7 million was "granted" to the Wuhan biolab (carried in Fauci's pocket), to continue the gain of function experiments on bats and snakes, which involved the literal torture of these animals, which did not come from the Wuhan "wet market," but was conveniently located about two blocks from the LEVEL 4 biolab. Fauci worked with the Wuhan scientists, and Bill Gates was, and is, Fauci's "patron."​

To answer the question, how they could have known, the answer is right there before our very eyes. Tragically, however, most people can have the evidence right before their very eyes, but they look at the evidence with eyes wide shut. As seriously  as "medical experts" promoted the "dangerousness and fatality" of the SARS-2-COVID-19, something shifted the seriousness away from the "invisible enemy," which, according to the aforementioned "experts," would require a "biometric vaccine" (with a digital "certificate of vaccination, and/or, immunity) with deployed National Guard assistance for a virus that cannot be specifically identified by the standard testing available. One and somewhat controversial man, George Floyd, single-handendly "stopped the virus, and destroyed the draconian measures of social distancing, and/or shelter in place mythologies... except, of course, when it came to protesting the tyrannical and unconstitutional mandates. Big No-No to say no to BIG BROTHER... or SISTER. ​

A "new," yet "old" virus came, or came back to town. While many simply wanted justice for Mr. George Floyd, who died, literally, under the knee of Officer Derek Chauvin, others decided that the best justice was disorganized destruction of police departments and vehicles, the destruction and looting of local businesses... and the list goes on. ​

I noticed an old pattern in the current state of affairs; another takeover of a corporate entity under the tactic of divide and conquer. What we are experiencing is a gross repetition of history's darkest hours of conquest, utilizing many forms of distraction to keep us from seeing what is really going on. ​

Please note that I am writing from an Indigenous perspective, but the picture is much bigger, and, if possible, more insidious.​

When the invasions of conquest began in 1492, it did not take long for other European powers to join in the feast of conquest, genocide, power and control. Throughout its history, what is called America has always had its eyes on the entire world; to create what the late George H.W. Bush called, "A New World Order." America has experimented on domestic, and worldwide, populations to see just how far it can go... without getting caught by the public.​

Well, America got caught, but was not the sole perpetrator of false flag operations, and crimes against humanity... and All Living Beings upon Mother Earth. The Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, now called America, suffered the brunt of brutal greed, but it did not stop with us.​

When an empire begins to fall, it takes desperate measures to survive, at the expense of all others. After constant wars of conquest fought, "in the name of freedom and democracy," of course, something different had to be done. Since resources are finite, the empire cannot allow populations to grow. Since even basic contraception is outlawed in many countries, and certain states in America make it as difficult as it can, something had to be done to lower the world's population. As I stated before, America has performed many experiments, but I would like for you, dear reader, to research them, for the list is long, but began with us, the Indigenous. A good research source if - which covers many of those experiments. However, let's take a look at the latest psychological operations (psy-op) experiment, which caused physiological, and psychological, damage to the American peoples, and to peoples worldwide, with the notable exception of Sweden.​

Under the auspices of the CDC, the WHO, and Johns Hopkins. ergo, under the auspices of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Ford Foundation, and several other financiers with more wealth than their finite minds can handle, a "new corona virus" was "discovered..."  yet has not been specifically identified (because it cannot be identified), while yet "Warp Driving" a toxic vaccine to foist upon a weakened and mentally depleted, and desperate worldwide population. In the course of this "pandemic," serial murders were committed by the medical-industrial-complex, with the government's blessings, and called, "death by COVID-19." ​

When people rose up, The American Empire was forced to change its tactics, and started a well-advertised race war (although the murders of our peoples are seldom, if ever mentioned, or other peoples murdered by police under color of law). The sight of Speaker Nancy Pelosi kneeling is repentance(?), or in solidarity(?) to, or with, our Black brothers and sisters was a tasteless propagandist display of hypocrisy, as Mr. Trump threatens protesters with military assaults. Should I have been a tour guide, I would say, "This is one trip not worth taking!"​

Believe it, or not, there is a point to this rant, based on past-to-present [and projected and questionable future]  behaviors of governments worldwide. As Mark Twain astutely observes, "Every civilization carries the seeds of its own destruction, and the same cycle shows in them all. The Republic is born, flourishes, decays into plutocracy, and is captured by the shoemaker whom the mercenaries and millionaires make into a king. The people invent their oppressors, and the oppressors serve the function for which they are invented." ​

The above quote applies to all civilizations, ours included. To this day, it is difficult to comprehend how five-hundred Indigenous nations could fall to the various European invaders, but only difficult if we do not consider the common flaws which every civilization shares; those "seeds of our own destruction." Had our Ancestors had the wherewithal to see what came upon those ships, the very few ships, for crying out loud, the outcome might have been different. With their superior weapons, and diseases, which they would successfully use against us, they might have killed us all... but at least we would have gone down fighting as one people against the serpents that came to rob, to kill, and to destroy. However, who really knows? Perhaps our peoples might have taught the Europeans a lesson, and chased them back to their own war torn countries. Of course, we will never know at this point in time. ​
One thing is certain, An empire was forged from the very beginning of of America's mutant conception; all the signs of a falling empire are there, and have always been there. Our Ancestors, and our Elders, who resisted the genocidal incursions, saw the seeds of America's destruction, and died resisting the tyranny. Moreover, given the opportunity, those of us who have not forgotten the faces of our Ancestors would resist again. 

We were the "experiments" for the mad scientists of conquest. We were the laboratories where the "pandemic of tyranny' was created; our mainstream American brothers and sisters are feeling that tyranny, and one-hundred-forty-five nations have the empire's military forces on their sovereign lands. The "gain of function" (weaponization) of the common corona (which is Spanish for crown) was not the success that Anthony Fauci desired, so numbers had to be manipulated, exaggerated, and promoted, for the powers that should not be to commit the criminal deprivation of rights that we all have being experiencing in varying degrees. Welcome to the rez, America...​

Is there a solution? It is much easier to point out the issues, than to present solutions to the problems. When I was interviewed on the pandemic issue of missing, exploited, and murdered women and girls, a comment was made, "what is the solution?" It was an excellent question for which I had no answer. Conditions must change, in order to find solutions. As long as our oppressors continue their patterns of abuses, there can be no solutions... unless we all work together to expose the crimes, and turn the tables on our abusers. We must out think our adversaries, and not fall into the propagandist trap which the powers that should not be have set for us. Stop watching, and believing the lies being fed to us by the government, and their propaganda arm of the mainstream media. Yes, it is more difficult to do than it sounds, but it can be done. ​

From SARS2-COVID-19, to the "Manson-like Helter Skelter" scenario being seared into our collective minds, plus the pseudo-humility of arrogant, and psychotic, politicians, we are metaphorically being force-fed "soylent green," as desperation makes us "eat each other."​

A calm and connected spirit leads to a calm and coherent mind. If we feed into the outrage, we will react in outrage, and do outrageous things... as we have been seeing as of late. If we think clearly, and coherently, the actions we take will be a true power that the powers that should not be will not be able to withstand. The missing ingredient is unity between Indigenous peoples, and non-Indigenous peoples of all colors worldwide. The ultimate question is, will we be willing?​ Night Of Broken Dreams - © 2006 by Taina Amayi​