~ White Wolf

History was never meant to be written like a book of fiction;


So the truth is that history was written by the perpetrators of

horrific events, some not even mentioned within the books

of records. The history books are written with chapters, and even whole books of truths  missing, or hidden within softer definitions. Naturally it made all they did 100% respectful and heroes of the men to have done such courageous things providing free land for them. Stolen land will never be free land.  That is the way to get the glory and make history the way you say it was. Not the way it really all happened

Such was the founding of this Country. America was born by attempted genocide on the backs of slaves. Nothing too be proud about, there is no honor so can there be respect? YES....

As the prophecy of the seven fires says the seventh generation will be the rainbow warriors of all colors united as one force with prayer and love. 


Every treaty has been broken and the Native Americans did as they were told remaining peaceful on the reservations. For over 500 years. The Native Americans have waited for the time that was fore-told.

Until the time to stand up for what's right must be done now to save the earths water for the life of all humanity. Water is life. The prophecy calls it the black snake and was written over 100 years ago. The black snake is the pipeline and the 7 fires mean the seventh generation has been assigned the task. We have come far enough to know it must be stopped before it becomes too late. It all relates to us and our connection with our EARTH MOTHER.


We are the 7th generation.

From this point in time the direction of the change will be up to us to make water remain for our ancestors of many more generations. They would be saying: "What were they thinking? They almost killed every living thing on earth. We must be and become even more connected with all living things in, on and above our Earth Mother. All things have a frequency and our minds are amazing when we take the time to tune in. Be connected.

We are all indigenous to the planet Earth―and that is why each of us can benefit from indigenous wisdom. Throughout their history, the Lakota people, in fact all Native American Nations developed many common beliefs, prophecies, enduring insights, and practices for achieving harmony with all the forces in our life―including the land, the spirits, our community, and ourselves. Most of these common native American Nations established these practices the (similar or the same) without ever meeting before their inter-Nation beliefs had already been established. All the people were connected.

They knew what was good for the Earth and what was not. It's the wisdom of the elders that is shared but rarely listened to.

Be Connected.

It’s important to establish the origin of the 7 fires story. It was established by many Nations, Hopi, Lakota, Apache, Navaho plus more. The point being that it was without consult between tribes or Nations. You can’t say it, but I pray you know it’s by divine intervention. Creator knew, he makes the plans. That last paragraph (just above this) quantifies the reality of a theory to be truth.

We have been taught to fight fire with fire. In reality all you do is make a bigger fire. Being connected to know the elements we would use peaceful water to put out a fire.

The Lakota have words: “Mitakuye Oyasin” which means “All My Relations”. Which is to say all living things in, on and above our Earth Mother. That includes all people, our relation. Scientific truth is that each and every person on this Earth has at least one cell from things that have ever lived on this earth and beyond. All races, colors and breeds of everything including vegetation, even up to the dust of the stars. 

I think I understand your cause. It’s because many people are not ready to hear the whole truth, and cannot identify to things such as the connection with all things and not just Go(o)d. Or that an element of true purpose, and the TRUE fact that we are all made from cells of every living thing including the dust of stars; falls beyond the reality of Christian beliefs. But it is true, look it up, or just give it a thought. Everything a pregnant woman eats such as things grown in the ground includes minerals, elements, humans and animals placed into the earth after death, and yes the dust of stars.

We will see what the end result is. At Standing Rock today (February 22, 2017) they have made fires all over the place and some of the tents have been set ablaze. We did this in effigy as the final stand is to burn it to the ground. The United States Calvary taught us how to do this. They have 2 busses ready (for over a hundred people???). One bus goes to Bismarck and they give bus tickets to the people to their home. The second bus is going to jail and prison for Trumped up charges. MSNBC camera crew on sight at 11:30 am 2/22 announced they have given the people 4 more hours to get on one bus or the other. The strongest of Lakota warriors will not go, going to be a mess. My blood runs hot and the Pressure soars like the Eagle. Wishing I had super powers just for a few days. The world becomes more unstable every day. So does it really matter? I give thanks for a short life and will not be insulted and disregarded for yet another 500 years.  By this Friday 2/24 I pray the world will see how the original land owners are disrespectfully treated, and still are being subject to genocide.  MSNBC starting now is showing (live) how it’s going down at Standing Rock. Government said time is up. It’s about to get stupid.


Photo Credit: Nora Moore Lloyd