The Hawk
~ Dave Kitchen 

Many years ago I was outside with a great

problem on my mind that was weighing me

down. As I stood outside a big red tail hawk

was being chased and attacked by a group

of crows. They were diving and attacking

him all at once. But I noticed the hawk spiraling upward in the sky as he flew with his powerful wings. As he got higher and higher the crows could not stay with him and began to drop off. Suddenly it dawned on the crows that when the hawk got high enough he could dive with his powerful wings and tear them apart one by one. They all began to leave until the great hawk was all alone spiraling way up high triumphantly.

Then I heard Creator say to me. "Your troubles, no matter how bad they are, will be solved by spiraling higher and higher in your spirit toward Creator until you reach a point where they no longer trouble you."

When a bunch of crows (troubles) surround you, become the great and powerful spirit hawk and spiral higher in the spirit until they all drop off and you fly peacefully to Creator who is your true home.