The Imaginary Invasion

~ David Kitchen

Many people think they know about the

so called invasion of the current immigrant

caravan. But they are only getting a very

slanted view of the situation. And since I

have repeatedly had to explain the truth to

mistaken folks I am going to put it down in one place so that. So that all that I have to do is refer to this. And people can believe the truth or live with the lies fed them.

In the 1990s my wife and I had an Indigenous radio show on WRFG. We interviewed indigenous leaders from many countries. 

We also kept up with Indigenous People's issues in may areas even after our show ended.
The current caravan is made up of Indigenous people from Honduras. Their story begins in 2009 while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State certain corporate interests in the USA wanted to exploit the lands that the Indigenous People of Honduras were on. But they and their leader, Berta Cacres did not want that. And the constitutionally elected leader was on their side. So Clinton engineered slanted election that installed a military dictatorship that began by murdering Berta Caceres and also the wholesale slaughter of the Indigenous people of Honduras to give access to US corporations to their lands.

The current caravan is these same Indigenous People that have been slaughtered by the military dictatorship set up by Clinton. They are not coming to invade. They are coming to flee for their lives and their children's lives. Many of the women have had their husbands murdered and are trying to get their children to safety.

And these Indigenous People as do all the Indigenous people of the Americas from Canada to the tip of South America have the same DNA as the Indigenous People of the USA. They are our relatives. Historically before the colonists came they would come here and trade with us and intermarry with us. They come because they know we know them. To say they are coming to invade or harm anyone is ridiculous. And to gas their kids and shoot them with rubber bullets just adds to the harm already done to the asylum seekers which is what they really are. Any violence that is being attributed to them are Mexicans yelling and throwing things at them and their children. This whole thing is a human rights issue. And right now the US and Trump are looking very bad to much of the USA and the world. I don't think any human being would not get upset if their kids got hurt. Here is a link to one of the original stories about the coup in Honduras.