The Murder of Claudia Gomez Gonzales

~ Dave Kitchen

The murder of Claudia Gomez Gonzales, a

very young petite Mayan Indigenous sister,

by an ICE agent, has very greatly upset many

Indigenous people including me. Mayans are

our close relatives. But according to Aljazeera

and many many national and international

news agencies, this pattern did not start under the Trump administration. The ACLU has documented cases of children being molested, tased while doing nothing but sitting there, and threatened to be killed under Obama's constrained policies on immigration. Now that Trump has unleased an anything goes policy for these folks we see the results with the indigenous sister.

Sharon and I had an Indigenous radio program once in our past on which we interviewed many of the Indigenous people trying to escape the murder and persecution in other countries from drug dealers and military groups. We knew these folks personally. They are family to us. Many come here seeking asylum from certain death for they and their families. 

They think this is a better country morally but they are wrong.

Indigenous people in this country and all the Americas, have a long history of being treated like "animals." Shot for fun. Shot for a bounty on our skins and scalps. Lands still illegally stolen. Treaties still being broken. Children still illegally taken from their familes. Many Indigenous people who stood up for Indigenous rights murdered outright, sent to prison on trumped up charges. Or clandestine ops that use drugs, microwave and other more modern chemical and high energy weapons on people standing up for their rights. 

But we have never been alone in our struggle. There are good people in every race who when they stand up to the wealthy and powerful get the same treatment. And when they stand with us, they die or are tortured with us. 
 The powerful elite use the superiority complex people who think their race is superior to beat us down or kill us. They actually hate members of their own race just as much if not more than us when those folks stand with us. But superiority complex folks will get the same treatment as us if they get in the way of the elite powerful. The superiority folks are just their tools who they easily dispose of when they get what they want.

You see the whole immigration thing is just a distraction to further the real goal of total power for an elite few. The rest of us are to be kept uneducated, like drone bees, easily manipulated and very controlled.

The problem is us darn Indigenous people. We keep surviving under the worse conditions. Our spirit stays strong. And we keep coming back to stand up for our rights, whether we have governments stamp of appoval or not. And many brothers and sisters are coming back home who the government stole or they got separated from their people in another way. My father used to say you don't need to have a goverment stamp of approval to be who you are and stand with your people.  

Claudia Gomez Gonzalez our Indigenous sister is just one more tragic death in a long history of human rights violations that are the very foundation of the founding of the so called Americas. 

And one day all of these martyrs for freedom's sacrifices will be remembered with the reverence they deserve. Goodbye my sister. May you walk free and beautiful with the ancestors and Creator.