The Race Card = HATE 
~ Red Shawl 

    Race? What kind of crock is that? The color of

one’s skin, somehow makes us different? Let us

discuss this a while. Doesn’t anyone besides me

get your skin tome is based on where we live. In

hot climate, cold climate, the more sun one has

the darker the skin (in most situations). Even

animals change color coats from spring to winter,

some slightly some drastically. To match the climate, and areas where you live, your “clothes” change. 

     Ever watch animals? Herds, flocks, so on? Sometimes they gather together and sometimes they separate. The thought is if they blend together they look bigger but if they stand out they become the prey. This varies as well. Watching the animals at my mom’s I see at times all cardinals, all blue jays, junco and then other times they all blend and share. Squirrels on the other hand well...  They eat among the birds but do not share well. When they divide is when the hawk or birds of prey come and clinch them, but when they all join together they have a better chance. The birds will make such a racquet the hawk will fly away. 

    The trees, bushes and flowers do the same thing. They complement each other. They shade one another, the roots wrap and support each other. So when people think they are the smarter species I scoff. They thrive together, sharing the wealth nature gives them, while humans fight over the slightest stupid thing, one being race—skin color, how much of this or that has this or that blood… really? Because we all matter: Hate wreaks when we play the race card, no one is better than the other, we cannot have peace until we learn to live together and not look at a small thing such as skin tone, we all breathe, we all will die, and become part of mother earth again. When we insult one another we insult ourselves. Race is a blame card for those who want the easy way out and cause for their failures. Plain and simple Using the Race card is slanderous to the human race. We allow those to become rich based on OUR hard working backs why?? We allow to be put into categories, why? We are to blame for the race card.. we allowed it. Time to cut it down. The economy only works when we ALL work AND share the wealth. We are all born naked and poor, it is up to us to live our lives and make decisions. The creator, God, etc. did not divide us.. WE DID, WE ALLOWED it!! Perhaps being of mixed back ground I get it more. I am proud of ALL my ancestry and wish they had shared the traditions and not been afraid, embarrassed or whatever the reason was not to continue. EMBRASS the human race!! Embrace traditions, cultures, dances, music, celebrations etc. share them celebrate them as we survived. So so and so doesn’t like me- it is their problem and I refuse to own it. It is THEIR sin to bear not mine. A true Christian does NOT JUDGE or discriminate!! Most rooted faith, religions preached peace, love, understanding and compassion for one another. PEACE my brothers and sisters not hate.. calling RACE is HATE!!Hate gets no one anywhere but sad, pathetic, lonely, angry and desolate. The Natives once believed even those who are different (“gay”, disabled, touched extra) we revered as special and it was na honor to have them. Race is no different than the word HATE. There is NO right or wrong race; we all were created 100% as we are to be like a rainbow. Embrace it. Stop screaming the race card—because hate never wins.