The Truth About Andrew Jackson       
~David Kitchen

Asking Indigenous people to accept Andrew

Jackson as a hero is like asking Jewish

people to accept Adolf Hitler as a hero. And

here's why:

Besides the Trail of Tears that he sent the

Cherokee on where thousands died because

the greedy wanted to steal gold from Cherokee

land, he committed genocide on Indigenous

people and had Indigenous skin lampshades

in his home, and his men had powder pouches

made of the skin of Indigenous women's private parts. (And horse reins and bridles made of Indigenous skin.)

In the book American Holocaust, David Stannard states that in states east of the Mississippi River, Indigenous populations decreased between 91% and 97% due to a deliberate extermination of Indigenous People between 1685-1790. In Florida, a population of 700,000 Indigenous People were wiped out to 2,000.

The Cherokee had lost three-fourths of their population to the genocidal attitude of colonists. Their towns had been burned. Their crops destroyed. They were hiding in the woods and mountains and starving according to James Mooney.

But the Cherokee struggled back from almost extinction while more and more settlers invaded their land. Then in 1828 Andrew Jackson was elected President. And according David Stannard in American Holocaust, “this was the same Andrew Jackson that had once written that “the whole Cherokee Nation ought to be scourged.” The same Andrew Jackson who had led troops against peaceful Indian encampments, calling the Indians “savage dogs,” and boasting that “I have on all occasions preserved the scalps of my killed.” The same Andrew Jackson who had supervised the mutilation of 800 or so Creek Indian corpses- the bodies of men women and children that he and his men had massacred- cutting off their noses to count and preserve a record of the dead, slicing long strips of flesh from bodies to tan and turn into bridle reins.”

In his article in Indian Country Today, Simon Moya-Smith, Oglala Lakota, says “here are many similarities in the United States’ attempt to exterminate Native Americans and Hitler’s attempt to exterminate the Jews. Both groups were – and in many ways remain – dehumanized. Both are and were considered to be in the way of so-called progress. In the U.S., officials and citizens even coined it the “Indian problem,” and Hitler famously considered Jews exactly that, his problem, and he charged himself – much like President Andrew Jackson – with the responsibility of eliminating that problem.”

Jackson was Adolph Hitler's model for genocide. And Hitler said that he patterned the genocide of the Jews after the model of the USA's treatment of Indigenous people.
Near the end of his article Simon Moya-Smith states, “Steven Spielberg, director of the Holocaust film Schindler’s List, said in a speech that the Jewish people are once again threatened by “the perennial demons of intolerance,” Joanna Berendt of The New York Times reported. “People want to, all over again, strip you of your past, of your story and of your identity,” he said.

Spielberg’s statement applies to Native Americans as well, who are now 1.7 percent of the total U.S. population (new estimates argue that the population of Indigenous Peoples in North American was as high as 123 million prior to European contact).

Oh, and one more thing: Hitler would refer to the Russians as “redskins.”

So, we see that a population of a 123 million was reduced to a few thousand and some peoples on this continent were completely wiped out. Understand, I am not belittling the Jewish Holocaust. But a holocaust happened in America also, and an attempt has been made to eradicate all history that shows the truth. Unfortunately for America, the rest of the world knows, and we have honorable folks here who tell the real history. In Russia, there is a monument planned to commemorate the genocide of the Indigenous People of the United States. ( RUSSIA TO CONSTRUCT AMERICAN INDIAN GENOCIDE MEMORIAL IN FRONT OF U.S. EMBASSY So it's not like the world doesn't know.
As an Indigenous person, I find Jackson not only repulsive but totally despicable and unacceptable for any kind of veneration, and how he could be any normally intelligent person's hero is beyond my comprehension. And for anyone who calls themselves a "Christian" or any other love-oriented spiritual way to venerate Jackson makes me wonder if they really do follow the Christian or other love-based spirituality.

Come on United States, it's time to get your act together and tell real history. Stop making heroes of murderers and taking pride in genocide. The only way someone can forgive the wrong done to them is for you to admit the wrongs, apologize. If you want us to stop living in the past, stop this policy of genocide that we see still being enacted at Standing Rock and all across this nation against Indigenous People and the theft of their lands and resources. How about truth? How about honor? How about “liberty and justice for all?”