The Underbelly of The Beast
~ Dave Kitchen
When Sharon was born she was born with white hair.

Not Brown, black or blonde. Pure white. It turned brown

later in life. She was born on Qualla Boundary to parents

who were members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee

in Cherokee, North Carolina. White hair to many meant

she was sacred and would have been a holy person

had she been allowed to stay. But she had an illness and her parents took her to the hospital where the doctor said to leave Sharon over night. When her parents came back the next day Sharon was gone. Taken by the US government to the Florida Children's Home Society where many Indigenous kids who were stolen by the government in the 1950s assimilation program were sent. You see they wanted a generation of kids that didn't think like Indigenous kids so they could indoctrinate them into capitalist thinking in stead of the community thinking of Indigenous people. This experiment failed because they still thought like Indigenous kids. Loving their people and trying to get back home to where they came from. Yet they still steal Indigenous kids from their families in their hopeless attempts to change Indigenous People to their way of thinking. What they don't realize is it's in our DNA. Our collective memories from our ancestors has been handed down from our ancestors and scientists have just recently figured this out. You can not change us. Yet they still try their same futile techniques even though they don't work. Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result.

As Indigenous people we have been abused over and over to the point that some of us became abusers. Understand this does not give us free hand to become abusers. No we must become stronger and not become like the abusers in charge.

Some of the US citizens see this government abuse and think that makes it okay for them to do it because they believe the lie that all People of Color (aka POC) are inferior to them.

We have experienced that as I am sure many other POC have.

Their superiority complex makes them act out an insane belief system and many times they enforce their belief system violently.

They cherry pick verses out of the Bible to make it seem okay with them. When the vast majority of the Bible says race is not something that Creator wants us to make decisions on how we treat people.

Sharon experienced that the other day a group of her coworkers by passed chain of command and said she dressed inappropriately and had bad hygiene because they had heard that a doctor had said that about me. Of coarse in both cases they were lies. Sharon is extremely neat and clean. And I am allergic to hay. So I bathe all the time. And if the plan was to set me off or upset me so I acted stupid, it failed. But like the government they continue their insanity because of their superiority complex. And they are so fearful of what two old Indigenous folks are saying that they have to send spys on FB and other sites to report back what we are saying because if they don't like it they have to get revenge so you'll be controlled and not expose the underbelly of the beast of hate.