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There is a Whisper in the Wind

~ Robin Dick

There is a whisper in the wind, do you

hear it?

What is it saying to you?

Deep and softly vibrating our spirit, yet

strong and clear the words of love come

to our minds. The breath from the

words is all we need as it makes our souls

feel wrapped with compassion. It’s the

Great Mystery we feel, and our heart starts

drumming louder for us to hear.

There is the anticipation of what might be

coming next, as all our senses get stronger.

We are becoming in tune with all that is,

dialing into life itself. Creator is with us,

and that cannot be denied. His presence inside is an honor that we know.

As we pause in stillness to enjoy this sacred moment, we look around and see other people doing their thing, whatever it might be. Do they not hear the power of this blessing? Wondering why we are feeling this, are we the only ones?

Knowing it’s there for all, yet they are themselves and I am me.  Thinking if it’s just me, am I special? No, it's more than that, this sacred feeling is available for everybody, yet they act like it doesn’t even exist. I think I understand, it’s because each of our lives in ourselves, and the rest of everything is different unless it’s pertinent to the one feeling it.

I look at the people passing and they truly are one with themselves. Sad for them to be alone, happy for us to feel connected. So, what’s coming next? It’s the smile I give them as they pass, most times I get a smile back. That has broken the spell of themselves, they seem to be under, as they realize if, for no other reason, someone has noticed they exist. They look back at us with a question marks on their head, but now we are walking with a little more joy and wonder what we know that they don’t.

It’s just acknowledging we are many and should share love and respect with a smile to brighten the times of feeling alone. Have peace and share it.

What’s next, is anything we make it to be.