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~ Dr. Dawn Karima

What if I asked you to do a favor for me?

And you said yes? Seems as if I must trust

you or I wouldn’t have asked you for help,

right? So, then, how would it look if I texted

you every few minutes or called, saying,

“Hey, how about that favor? Are you doing it?

Have you already done it yet?

You’re not forgetting are you?” 

Out of kindness, at first, you might reassure me, but if I kept messaging you, I would only increase my stress, irritate you and make it seem as if I didn’t actually believe in you or your ability to help me. Made you smile, right? Most of us trust the family, friends, even the pizza delivery guy or the lady that delivers our online shopping purchases enough not to check up on them constantly. Yet, when it comes to our prayers, we may struggle to sustain our faith. 
If I’m baking delightful desserts and I put them in the oven, that’s a time for them to develop into delicacies. Yet, if I keep opening the oven and pulling them out, how will the treats I desire ever manifest? See how similar that is to worrying and reasoning once we’ve made our prayers and intentions? 

Creator is way more able and way more willing to help than any human. Trusting Creator’s goodness is your seed of faith as you pray and then surrender to the Spirit. Replace worry with faith and corresponding actions. Easy for me to say right? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. During the times when it’s challenging to walk by faith and not by sight, this idea helps me. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! 

Personally, I made a “Something for God to Do Box”, a beaded box where I place all my concerns, which are written on slips of paper. I pray over the slips of paper, yet once I put them in the box, I believe I receive my answer.  Every time I think of the situation, I give thanks or do any actions that I need to do to manifest my miracle, but I refuse to worry or to be troubled by the circumstance anymore".

Whether you create an actual “Something for God to do” box or imagine one, you can THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! Think of everything in the box as off limits for worry. Think of blessings, good things, anything that liberates you from worry about what’s in the box. You’ll feed your faith and starve your fears! 

Dr. Dawn Karima is a Native American Music Award Winner, two time Global Music Award Winner&host of A CONVERSATION WITH DAWN KARIMA on!