~ Orannhawk ~
In the middle of a breath, the pause before

realization, the knowing appears. A single leaf

drifts downward, spiraling without a sound, lifted

briefly by wind’s subtle fingers. I welcome the

moments of silence, broken only by a distant

rumble and the faint smell of rain. 
I wait for the cacophony, the melding of sounds discordant made harmonic. It comes; crows and hawks, jays and mockingbirds, the gurgling rattle of turkey still nesting in the trees lining the creek and the distant howls of coyotes and calves bleating for their mamas. Soul resonance.  
I sit here, where the Old Ones paused for a breath, where the trees swayed and the skies darkened. I feel them around me, the quiet stirring at my core. Some say Spirit rides the wind. I need to add, Spirit rides a fine horse. 
The Old Ones find me here and the winged ones sing in raucous voices, lulling me to a place of 
understanding and remembering. I smell the horses, wet from the creek. The faint odor is pungent, yet comforting. 
Inspiration breeds here, conceived and birthed; and in the awareness of the Sacred, we dance. 
Our world is vastly different from the worldview our grandparents held, and unperceivable to the world of the Old Ones. We live in a world of signs. There are signs obscuring the view, blinking in neon, plastered on any conceivable surface, movable or immobile, rife in the mainstream as well as the cyber world. Regrettably, the subtle and occasional ambiguous signs of the natural world fall into categories unknown or ignored. 
The signs of creation possess intrinsic and profound characteristics. Elusive at times, yet filled with a reflective intimacy to quench the thirst of the forgotten, they are a gateway to understanding our connection.
It is vital for us to find balance now. We live in a modern world, among influences artificial and too often malicious. Shadows distort the beauty and unfamiliarity and ignorance walk hand in hand, taking us further away from what is natural and real. Humans and animals are instinctual, visceral. Instinct is a key element in who we are, how we relate to each other and more importantly, how we connect to Spirit. 
The apparent absence of connection to Nature and to our planet is seriously concerning. Ignorance is not bliss. 
Living in a way oblivious to all things natural, to the signs gifted to us, disconnects us from Spirit. The further we get from what is natural and inherent to us, reality becomes obscured. We lose a part of ourselves. Spirit becomes something shrouded, veiled and disguised. Spirit reaches out with signs, with messages and we are unaware of the subtle touch, the quiet voice, and the soul songs.  
I grew up with signs, presented to me like wondrous gifts. These inconspicuous signs offer an insight to the natural world around us, as well as an increased awareness of our day-to-day world. My family guided my understanding of the natural world and as I grew older, my Papaw lent his observations to practical application outside of hunting and fishing. The nuances of animal behavior in the wild, I translated to a closer study of human body language. Watching eye movement, breathing patterns, rigidity or fluid movements of the body can reveal a lot, much like the whitetail deer flagging its tail to signal other deer outside of your vision. When you pay attention, you will see the signs, you will begin to recognize fear, anxiety, aggression, as well as open sincerity and joy. 
I have fond memories of Papaw running his hand over the back of his Black Angus bull and remarking the coming winter would be cold and likely long. Enormous bushes of purple sage outside his house, and now mine, announce the high probability of rain. Sometimes known as a barometer bush, it will bloom prior to rain, likely due to the sensitivity of the plant and the humidity in the air. Every living thing has its own way of communicating and connecting to Earth and in most respects to us. 
In our present time, communication with most people is relatively fast. A text or a call, an email, news and weather updates keep us in a loop of communication with one another. However, it does not replace the synchronistic moments in Nature, the ancestral threads to the Old Ones and to Spirit. 
It is important to remember the Old Ones, to live with respect and reverence for all on this Earth, to coexist and be mindful of the reminders, and the signs we receive. To walk in gratitude, to honor the subtle signs nature provides is a path of remembering, of honoring and living with Spirit. It is the resonance, the echo of life. It is … touching Earth, feeling Sky.