Two Children's Stories

~ As Shared by Jerry Pope

Cree flood Myth

Wisagatcak the Trickster built a dam across a stream in an attempt to capture the Great Beaver as it left its lodge. He waited all day until finally, at dusk, the huge creature swam toward him. Now, the Great Beaver possesses powerful magic and, as Wisagatcak prepared to spear it, created a spell that caused a muskrat to bite Wisagatcak in the behind, making him miss the target. Though spared, the Great Beaver was angry and wanted revenge.

The next morning Wisagatcak was dumfounded. After being bitten, he had dismantled his dam, but the water level had not gone down even though the stream was now flowing freely through the spot where the dam had been. Even more strange-the water level continued to rise higher and higher. The Great Beaver had worked powerful magic indeed; the entire world was flooding. For two weeks, the Great Beaver and the little beavers kept busy making all the waters of earth to rise until not one spot of dry land could be found. In great haste, Wisagatcak built a raft of logs and took many animals aboard with him.

The water continued to rise for yet another two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, the muskrat left the raft to search for land, but even the muskrat, who is accustomed to living between earth and water drowned. Then a raven left the raft. He flew around the entire world, but found no land, only water. Then Wisagatcak made his own magic with the help of a wolf on his raft.

During the next two weeks on the raft, moss grew all over its surface. The wolf ran around and around on the raft, causing the moss to hecome magically expanding earth, until the raft was a vast land mass. However, to this very day, water springs up through holes in the ground -cracks in that original raft

Beaver Meat

A Long time ago there was an old man who loved eating Beaver meat. He hunted and killed beaver. He ate so much beaver that his son scolded him that bad luck or other tragedy would come his way. All animals in those day were known to have magical powers the shaman had.

The old man was a very stubborn old soul and he ignored his son’s warning.

But the old man still hunted and ate beaver meat every day, In fact the son warned the old man that the beaver would come and catch the old man, cook him and serve the old man up for dinner. Once again he ignored his son’s advice thinking this young upstart didn’t know anything. Not to long afterwards the old man saw a beaver enter a hole along the bank of the river. The old man decided to enter the hole, and his son saw him go int the hole after the beaver. Suddenly the old man felt a tugging at his heals, but didn’t realize the serious ness of the situation, but it was the beaver hauling toehold man further into his den. The old man screamed at the beaver. “Let me get my knife.” He threw the knife back toward the entrance., saying further. “let me go.” The old man got no reply from beaver, Saying “I will give you my awl. I will give you my knife and awl let me go.” Once again no answer from beaver. Old said, “I will give you my arrows if u let me go.” His son followed him into the hole, because he didn’t want his father to die. Old man became aware his son was there. His son said two beaver we will give you all my father’s hunting tools, knowing they could make more. The son took the articles from old man gave them to beaver.. Finally the beaver let the old man go. 
The old man and his son returned to camp, his son returning the hunting tools.Then his son said,”I tol;told you they would catch you.. The old man never hunted beaver again.