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Unplanned for Realities

~ Maureen Brucker

There are lots of things one must consider

when building a house. One of the big issues

is water flow. No one wants a house in the

middle of a flood plain. So you check slope

and water flow, and presence of creeks and

obviously rivers. My house is clear of all

those hazards. I am even on a decent slope.

That said, once every couple of years we get flooded out. I've installed a slough. Earlier, someone installed a sump pump. We are looking at a brick wall in an effort to divert rushing water.

The water actually comes from up the hill from my property. A strange freak of nature occurs in the skies just north of my house. In the summer, during thunderstorm season, every several years, the conditions come together, to encourage heavily laden clouds to stall on that line just north of my property. Over the course of an hour, we can get as much as four inches of rain in that one location. This results in that river of water barreling down the hillside, flooding everything in its path, especially my back door.

It's easy to forget something that happens once every three to five years. It becomes like the California earthquakes, accepted but not often considered. The stall area is actually about ten miles long paralleling Eleventh Street on the ground, going across the entire width of Greeley. When not bringing floods, it often brings hail.

Planning for such unseen phenomena are not easy. With slough and sump pump, and garden wall, we do what is necessary. We're always open to new ideas.

Another, more frequent necessity, is your generous contributions to the EREZ Fund. This provides propane assistance to elders and needy families on reservations across the United States. The application is always on the website in the EREZ section and can also be found here:

You can also use that section for your generous donations. However, a more enjoyable method, might be to hold an individual or neighborhood garage sale. Consider donating the proceeds to the fund. Be sure to have a collection can available for those who wish to be more generous.

Whisper n Thunder is a 501-c-3 non-profit so all donations are tax deductible. You might encourage your friends to check at work about corporate matching funds.

Don't forget to bring a donation can to all your tailgate parties. Every little bit helps when it

means heat for reservation elders in the dead of Winter.