Update from Ground Zero
~ Vanessa Bolin

So here's an update from ground zero here at

Standing Rock. The snow came and Blue

Lightning and myself along with some amazing

people from camp that included some vets did

a complete grid search of the camp. As a matter

of fact we did a total of 5 grid searches. Each

and every tent, car and structure was checked

and marked clear just to make sure everyone

was safe. I can tell you with certainty these things

and dispel any rumors...no one died in camp, we

did NOT have to call the National Guard or police to come help or save us, we found NO stranded, hungry or hypothermic veterans, no one was medi-vaced out of camp! 

Today was very cold and we are preparing for another snow, some people who are not prepared to weather the winter have been asked in a good way and offered help to leave, all of the porta-johns have now been removed from camp but are being replaced by composting toilets but that is not going as fast as everyone had hoped. We are still here and standing strong protecting the water and taking care of each other. The medic spaces are still carrying for patients and are in good spirits even though we are tired. The camp has fewer people because a lot of people realized just how brutal a ND storm could be but the strong warriors are still here. On a sad note one of our dear friends and fellow medics passed away but not in camp and not due to the weather (Hula you will be sorely missed by us all) and we are morning his loss. We will continue to stand strong and stay here as long as even one person remains in camp. Please keep praying for us all and keep calling, emailing and writing everyone you can to stop this damn pipeline because water is truly life. Much love to you all. (December 2016)

Photo Credit: Chase Voirin