Water Like Spirit 
~ Sheri Watson 

Water, like spirit, carves its way into the land,

determined to follow its path, around stones,

still in pools but with currents running deep. 

For 500 years and more, the currents of culture

and tradition and most of all, determination to

survive with honor and dignity, have run through

the veins and ancient paths of this land.  Though stilled, the waters continue to carve their way, on the surface calm.  But water moves, fluid, building up in the stillness, filling with energy till it spills over, carving new swathes of silver and blue ribbons under the great sky all over the mother or grandmother earth.  


The Sioux Nation, joined by so many other tribal nations, have DETERMINATION on their side.  There IS no letting go.  These waters spring from the sacred spirit of fluidity of life, just like the Missouri river springs from its source deep underground.  Though the waters have run clear for so long, with the Dakota Access Pipe Line comes termination of that clarity.  The kind of clarity that clean natural water brings to years of survival. 

Water is Life......Is not just a motto to soften with time.  It is ALWAYS true.  And in its truth, as ancient as the waters in the land, comes the strength and force of RIGHT.  Not just correctness in the way of a scientific fact, but a right TO expect freedom for survival.  This is a matter of sovereignty.  This is a matter of integral health of body, mind and spirit.  This is the RIGHT of the health of the land, the animal people, and the force of the natural cycles.  These have already been determined by the power of life itself, and water, pure water, is that fluidity of inherent life. 

The strength of this Protection action, gathering, unification of so many different peoples and nations, is a controlled magnificent force of convergence, as if all waters of this land met and swelled into the seas and oceans.  This protection movement is one of the greatest powers of this time, once held back by dams of ignorance and greed and CHOICE by unnatural policies of a way of life.  It is now breaking down barriers of that foreign ideological construction. 

Assuredly, the protection of the sacred water of life  and all the peaceful actions by the Sioux and all the other nations are here to stay.  And they are effecting change all over the world.  On local and global levels, the Sioux lead the way to determine the right of their own existence without danger of contamination by the Dakota Access Pipeline. and the disturbance of sacred tribal nation lands.  Legally, and spiritually, and rightfully, their sovereignty and sacredness is at stake.   

Let the waters break down the wrongs and mistakes and ignorance of the Western ways of life.  If these waters are not safe, if the ideological construction is not transformed, the Sioux and any and all other nations and peoples will continue to stand determined to win their inherent rights of living a safe and sacred life, in sovereignty. They are in this for the full length of action, as water flows fluid and strong and malleable.  They will adapt to to reverse any contrary policies, and will keep up with actions of peace over and over. This is determination and unification of unprecedented strength, while remaining peaceful. 

Water is life.  The truth will continue to be spoken against all odds, and peace will win out.  The spirit and determination of the Native peoples have spoken and will continue on as long as the Dakota Access Pipe Line is envisioned. 

Author's Comment:  

Note of February 23, 2017:  I firmly believe that there will never be in action as great in this Century as what we have seen for the protection against the Dakota access pipeline. This action ignited the world and there are little pockets protection resistance going on everywhere. This is not the first time native people have spoken. This again is not the first protection action that we have lost as native people. If you look at the South American Natives and the and the Dam they were protesting and trying to protect their native lands from it's flooding... if you look at the Aboriginal people of Australia... if you look at action of Oak flat... If you look at Canada's residential school struggles.. but if you look back in history you can see that we are up against people of the same mind- set as those who destroyed us at Wounded Knee. All these actions of protection and peaceful resistance have ended in loss.  But there has been gain in that people are speaking up now anyway regardless of the poignant losses. The actions are gaining strength; more and more people are showing up, writing, calling.  Getting involved.  And someday we will win....not that it's about one side winning over the other. It is about a gain for all of us regardless of who we are. But I am proud to count myself as one who at least tried to participate. Regardless of corruption,  chaotic energy, and lack of proper backing for those as LaDonna Allard, keeper of Sacred Stone camp's flame, we made a difference. A huge difference that resounded around the world. And we must never give up, never give in but act continually,  peacefully in prayerful actions.  To save the world, we must go on.  And I know we will.