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What do you know about Native American Food?

~ Daniella James

Greetings. My name is Daniella James.

For several years, I have been on the line, under

James Beard Award winning chefs and Michelin

rated restaurants. I volunteered for the

Bocuse d’Or preliminary prepping in 2020 and

production at the Palm Desert Food and

Wine Festival.

I have dealt with many levels of indirect sexual verbal harassment, which eventually causes the end of my run at a restaurant.

I don’t win those battles.

I have now decided to use those culinary enduring strengths to learn of my heritage. I am half blood quantum in San Carlos Apache and Navajo. My future career is going to help give Native American nations strength to learn of historical foods prior to colonized contact.

Oppression and depression have caused Native generations to lose their historical culinary education. As a child, I never knew of these important connections of life. As an adult, I am and have been searching for these stories. There are many hardships to learn, but I constantly try. With much effort, extremity, tension, and patience, I now know many.

I will share the education I did not have in my youth. I do not wish younger generations to be forced into such internal sadness. I may be considered radical to share the knowledge of enriching foods, seeds, and experiences as my career path. I enjoy sharing these beautiful lessons and life’s stimulations. Let’s explore this enchanting and adventurous life path. Are you hungry?

Editor's Note: Look for upcoming articles from Daniella in our future issues!