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What We Can Learn From The Eagle

~ Julie Baris

The Native Americans saw the eagle soar to

unimaginable heights. Every Native American

tribe has their own distinct set of traditions

and beliefs, so eagle symbols vary from

tribe to tribe. However, every Native American

tribe views the eagle as a powerful animal who 

symbolizes unparalleled bravery, honor, vision

and intuition. Eagles can soar up to 10,000 feet

and when diving, they can achieve speeds of

up to 100 miles per hour. The wingspan of an

eagle can range from 6 to nearly 8 feet wide,

allowing the air currents to elevate them in

what looks like effortless grace. Eagles can

see eight times as far as we can. In fact, their eyes also have the ability to zoom in on prey, and they can see a small rodent from 2 miles away. They can also see more colors than we do. 

Because eagles can gracefully soar towards the heavens, yet see details of what's happening on the ground, they are symbols of hope, foresight and psychic awareness. If you see an eagle, it's a reminder that the Divine exists in everything - all that we are, all that we see, hear, smell, taste and feel. 

Here are some lessons we can learn from the Eagle and apply to our own lives:

- Eagles fly with eagles. Who you hang out with matters. You can't go higher if you're being weighed down with folks who can't see what you envision. Keep good company.
- Eagles have good vision. Stay focused on your goals. No matter the obstacles, the eagle stays focused.
- Eagles are fearless. They take on what comes at them and they fight until the end. 
- Eagles love the storm. The storm winds lift them even higher, way above the clouds. All of the other birds hide in trees and branches. This is their opportunity to glide and rest their wings. 
- Eagles do not scavenge or eat dead things. It only eats the meat from what it kills itself.  

- Eagles live in the present and do not live in the past.
- Eagles prepare their young by removing the feather in the nest so that they will eventually fly on their own. When it becomes so uncomfortable to stay in the nest, they have to leave the nest. If they are to grow and soar like the other eagles, they must leave their comfort zone.
- Eagles have more vitality than any other. As they grow old, they grow weaker and can't fly as high as they once did. They retreat high up to the mountains. It is there they pluck out their feathers and break their own beak and claws against the rocks. It is a very painful process but without doing this, they would die. They stay there high in the mountains until they have grown new wings, beaks and claws. They have now added years to their life and now can fly higher than they ever did before. Like the eagle, we must shed our old ways and habits that no longer serve us or add value to our lives.We must free ourselves of burdens that weigh us down and move forward on our journey. 

The Eagle reminds us that we are far more than our day-to-day thoughts, challenges and fears. When we allow our imaginations to soar to new heights, we can realize our true potential. We were born to fly. Every day we wake up, it is a new day to soar. Stretch your wings and go higher.