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Who is Russ Letica? 
~ Joelle Clark

Who is Russ Letica? Not, who was Russ Letica.

Russ had a flamboyant personality, with personal

integrity and a love for his people and the earth

that knew no bounds, his friendship and love

were never given lightly, but if he gifted you with

them, you were truly given a gift. He might not

always agree with you but you always knew

he was there for you.

Russ never tolerated fools well but at the same time had a capacity for forgiveness that was phenomenal.

He touched and impacted more people's lives on his journey than anyone will ever fully know, while just being Russ.

Recently, over and over on social media, from inviting people to groups to organizing events, I have felt the loss of him on this physical plane. His name is always one of the first suggestions to pop up. A constant reminder that he is not here now, in that way.

Russ frequently shared on Social Media “ I am not responsible for how my Ancestors protect me.” He has now joined the Ancestors and protects us. I draw strength and comfort from that.

Russ will live forever in our hearts and memories and in the hearts of everyone whose lives he touched. His people will tell his story for generations.

He is still with us, his spirit still walks with us. His heart is still changing the world for the better.

That is who Russ Letica is.