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~ Dr. Dawn Karima

“I am so tired of my problems,” I told my Medicine

Man while I was going through a trying time.

“I’m tired of talking about my problem. I’m tired of

thinking about my problem. I’m tired of praying

over and over about this same sad problem. You

know what I am super tired of? Having me on my mind all the time!” 

My wise friend smiled. “Then, get busy blessing somebody else. Call them and ask how THEY are doing. Pray about other people’s problems. Cheer someone else up. Volunteer. Give. Share. Do something that takes your mind off your problems. They’ll still be there when you get back, but you’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle them again with new energy.” 

 My Medicine Man was right. Volunteering is a vacation from our own lives. We may even realize that we feel better after helping others. We may see that we don’t have it so bad after all. Get busy being a blessing! Clean out your closets and donate the clothing! Visit or check on an Elder. Give time or money or skills to help someone else. I have a dear friend that goes to the animal rescue and grooms and pets the kittens whenever she feels stressed. The kittens offer unconditional love and my friend feels uplifted and useful! 

“How can I help somebody else?” You may be tempted to think, “Do you know how much trouble I’m dealing with right now? I don’t have enough money to share with others. I’m barely making it myself!” Or you may be thinking that your own crisis needs all of your time and concentration. In my own life, whenever I think I can’t help others, that’s when I KNOW I must! Selfishness is a sign that our problem is damaging our perspective. My granddaddy used to say, “You can’t help everybody, but you can help somebody!” 

One of the greatest ways you can help others is by being kind and merciful towards them.  Most problems aren’t permanent and it is truly important that we remain humble when our own storms pass over. Prepare to share your own experiences with other people who find themselves in similar situations to the hardship that you faced. 

Remember how you got out of trouble? Folks helped you. Maybe it took a few miracles. We don’t have to dwell on our difficulties, but it sure does help if we remain humble and grateful once we escape. We can be patient with people who are going through turmoil. Helping them through their anguish can be a good way to remind ourselves of our blessings during a difficult time. 

Who can YOU encourage today? Who could use a phone call or message? Who might appreciate your advice about what you’ve learned during your own time of strife? Sharing wisdom or simply listening can provide a powerful way for us to bless others while being blessed ourselves. I don’t know about you, but most of the time, when I set out to help someone else, I am the one who ends up being blessed!

                   Dr. Dawn Karima is the author of MOTHER OF NATIONS, a new book from Uttered Chaos Press.