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Wisdom from Granddad - Summer

~ Fox Northstar

As many of you know, one of my favorite

quotes is from George Satanta: “Those

who fail to learn from history are doomed

to repeat it.” Let me explain. 

Why is it light skinned people invade the

lands of darker skinned people and treat

them as if they are not even human? 

Believe it or not, I am not talking post-Columbian

colonization. I am thinking of a conflict that is much older – the Crusades of the 11th to 13th centuries. Remember those? Those dark-skinned peoples had taken over the holy land, and the proper Christians could not bear those lands being in the hands of infidels! Granted, they succeeded in creating a christian kingdom, but it didn't last very long. 

Apparently, by this time the Jews had left those so-called holy land, whether by choice or were driven out depends on which stories make sense to you. After that, the area became a part of the Ottoman Empire (present day Turkey) until the Armistice of World War I, when it became a “protectorate” of Britain. They named the area Palestine. 

Spin on to the effects of the next World war (2), and the aftereffects of that. It is sad but true that judaism was nearly wiped out by fascist madmen. Some geniuses came up with a plan to give the survivors a “homeland,” but it came at a high the original inhabitants. Not the best decision by the United Nations, by far! Ever since its creation, Israelis have never treated Palestinians as humans. Sound familiar? 

While I will never condone what happened last October, I can understand it. After 75 years of being treated poorly, the reaction was over the top. It makes me wonder if my ancestors had the weaponry of today, where would the USA be? 

But the fascists taught the Israelis well. They are hell bent on treating the Palestinians as the fascists taught them decades ago. They want to “exterminate” hamas, but do they not realize they are creating more dissent? The child whose parents were killed by the “cleansing” are going to grow up to rebel. They WILL hold a grudge...and who can blame them? I am not an anti-Semite, but they are making it difficult for me to support their tactics, no matter how “valid” their reasoning might be. 

Each side needs its own real estate. That is the only solution, and each side must respect the others' space. When that happens, I will not be surprized if Israel builds its version of a Berlin Wall. Time will tell. 

One of the teachings I carry is to do one’s best to end on a positive note, so here we go... 

This issue's deadline fell on the same day I completed seven decades of travel on our Earth Mother around Grandfather Sun, so things were a bit chaotic around say the least. But it was also a time for reflections of each decade. So, here we go... 

2014 – I became a contributor to Forty-five rants so far. 

2004 – I was asked to carry an eagle staff by my nation. We call it a “friendship” staff, but the travels it has allowed me to make and share it, I have learned that some nations call it a “peace” staff, and others a “trading” staff. It seems to me; they ARE pretty much the same idea. It was also the year I completed my Master's degree. 

1994 – I finally got into recovery. As it has turned out, I was self-medicating thanks to PTSD. 

1984 – My only son was born. He has three older sisters, and one who is younger. 

1974 – I joined the US Navy and spent six years traveling our planet...the only way I could afford to! 

1964 – We were not allowed outside on July 20th as we had a solar eclipse...and what ten-year-old can be trusted to NOT look at the sun? Remember, we did not have the solar glasses of today. 

1954 – Let the games begin!