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Pertaining to all articles in Whisper n Thunder:  Editor's Note: Authors commentaries do not necessarily reflect the views of Whisper n Thunder. However we stand strong in the belief that our authors have the freedom to express their well-thought out points of view and are grateful for same.

 Spring 2021

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Nora Moore Lloyd

​​WHISPER N THUNDER NOTE: Welcome to the long awaited Spring issue of Whisper n Thunder, and our new look online. It was time to update with clean lines and an ease of content background for your reading pleasure. Finally!

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Congrats to our 2020 WINDS Scholars

Sarah Chatter  Navajo Nation  Northern Arizona University

    College of Health & Human Services

Daniella James  San Carlos Apache  Tohono O'odham Community College

    Business Administration

Amanda Paxson  White Mountain Apache Northern Arizona University

     College of Health & Human Services

​Dante Miller  Rosebud Sioux  University of Minnesota - Morris

     Statistics & Computer Sciences