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    The Earth and women have the same properties... if the Earth is treated with disrespect by a woman, she is disrespecting herself. We are one and the same. 

                           ~ Mary & Carrie Dann

​                                Western Shoshone


 Notes from our Readers...

The land, the air, the water are all whole, inclusive unto themselves. So as they sustain life, they organize it as well. As one area becomes weaker and another stronger, it balances itself out in other ways, in other places, and tries to heals itself. It is not just the birth of the land,air, and water that is first and foremost. There is also the rendering of the gift of life itself--the spark, the spirit, the fire, which make life itself "more". A woman not only gives birth to human child or not, but she is the Organizer, the Healer, the Implementer, to weave the cloth whole even when the cloth of life is rendered asunder. It is not more of a gift then what men have; it is just different. There is an intuition a woman can have about aspects of her community, with individuals, and with herself. This requires learning, listening, observing, and being silent or assertive as well as being the vessel of the spirit. Great Spirit created the whole woman integrating all the aspects of life, even suffering and loss to give even the weakest link a chance to grow. When she is so damaged or closed off or angry she cannot heal herself or anything else. As the land, air, and water become more damaged women need to waken and work as vessels of the Spirit to organize the best of who they are. They can apply their gifts and wisdom for the healing of all. It's not a burden. The burden is when eyes are closed and voices are silent and ears do not hear. In this way we remain where we are. But the burden does not lie solely with women. She is the one who feels the pain deeply when she is not whole. And thus the pain ripples outward and the land is affected and so is the community. But it is a cycle and a circle. When a woman cannot heal herself all she has done comes back to her in positive ways . It works through the community and the spirit and through nature to help make her whole again.  Sheri 07.17.16

With my spirit, and Sacred Spirit, I agree with this beautiful and difficult quote about Fourth of July. When I say I don't celebrate this 'holyday', as 'holiday' is derived from this, someone said, you wouldn't be here, in reference to being FREE FROM RULE. The answer is, no, YOU wouldn't be here, for obvious reasons. There is a sadness that perpetuates in me regarding the opinions in this 'country'. Such tragedies, and still so much celebration in denial. There IS trauma in our genes, which has been discovered lately. I wish to offer blessings and sage and prayers this day to all Native Americans, no matter what belief. Join together, remember the old ways, and love.   Sheri  07.04.16

What a beautiful webpage. Woliwon Billie Fidlin and Phil Clarke for designing Whisper n Thunders new look. RL  New Brunswick CA  07.02.16


I think it is great how you encourage young Native writers to share their writing talents. Many creative minds out there!   TH  TEMPE, AZ  06.30.16

Joelle Clark, Lakota, comes to the Board of Directors from our Ambassador Circle. She notes that serving "as a WnT Ambassador was a joy, especially this last year serving as the chairperson for EREZ Fund, which will always be a passion for me." Clark has worked on Indigenous issues for three decades and is often asked to be the spokesperson for her Elders. And she adds, "If you are Indigenous and not involved with Whisper n Thunder, you should be." She is a business woman in Florida and an activist and advocate for Indigenous people. Joelle will remain on our Ambassador Circle as Board liaison.  

Kelli Donley works in healthcare administration for Arizona's medicaid/medicare state agency. In this role, she also serves as the state suicide prevention coordinator, which has taken her to most of the state's 22 tribal lands. She works closely with rural and urban tribal leaders on suicide prevention. Kelli is born and raised in Arizona and has a passion for her state. She previously worked in the developing world for an international health organization. Kelli has been a presenter for Whisper n Thunder’s Gathering of Women events and served on the design team. She is engaged to be married this fall, and will have two teenage stepchildren, three dogs and a bunny. 

Whisper n Thunder is honored to welcome Kelli and Joelle to the WnT Board of Directors!

Oak Flat Summary

" This doesn't just grab the sacred land, it destroys it. From the article below published in Crooks & Liars  07.23.15



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                              President, Whisper n Thunder Inc.

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Hawaiian Land Acquisition

​Indian Country Today reports on the law used to justify taking native Hawaiian land... and why it isn't justifiable at all.