Quote of the Issue:

​" Only when the last tree has died, the last river been poisoned, and the last fish been caught, will we realize  we cannot eat money."

                                ~ Cree Proverb


NEWS & HOME PAGE Winter 2020

​​WHISPER N THUNDER Winter Issue 2020 - Dedicated to the care and hope for Mother Earth - for a better tomorrow. Native Americans / First Nations peoples have been the keepers of Mother Earth since the beginning of time. Their wisdom should be trusted. This issue contains some of their wise offerings.

Welcome to our Anniversary Issue! We began our 11th year in 2020 !

Please click on the navigation bars to access content. The Articles & Poetry Index has a drop down menu, or you can click on the title for a complete list of authors and links to their articles. Have a comment? Scroll down on this page and let us know your thoughts. Interested in writing? We welcome all Native Americans / First Nations people who have something to say, or want to write about history, a current event, or what happened yesterday! Contact us at whispernthunder1@gmail.com.  We're always looking for new authors!


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                          ~ Billie K. Fidlin

                              President, Whisper n Thunder Inc.

             Photo by Nora Moore Lloyd * All Rights Reserved

Congrats to our 2019 WINDS Scholars

Meucci Ilunga   Navajo   University of Arizona  

   Senior      Biochemistry &  Mathematics     


Virlencia T. Begay   Navajo   Dine College

   Junior  School of Business & Social Services    

Bailey Makai Pete   Navajo   Arizona State University 

   Incoming Freshman   Art Education