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~ Louise Hills

I learned today why I no longer feel your presence
You have gone to
another dimension

Your journey has only begun
I wish safe travels for you

Neither of us liked
Prentend indians

We both respected all people
but neither of us were happy with those who
pretended to be Indigenous
so they could access that which is meant for us.

I will miss you
& hope your best moccasins were on your feet
& all the best  regalia was there for you.

One day Bill, we shall dance together
& share laughs
You encouraged me to write
to share my greats great grandfather's culture.

You knew how depressed I get when a manuscript is
Right now you would tell me to get out of my writers block

I miss you so much

For William Yellow Robe

Why I Blocked You
~  Dawn Karima

Voter Suppression is the way the dam breaks,
One too many pictures of babies in cages,
Stages of storming the Capitol,
Rages against races other than your own.

Even as sages,
Lift their voice to cry "unity!"
I will never bond with racists,
Even if they are found out of their hoods.

I will never make friends with bigots,
Even if leaders say "both sides" are "good."

Tear down the treaties? You cannot come in,
Treason will earn you no plate at the cookout.
Sedition and Supremacy,
I block your sin.

Hate cannot win.

Dispossession Aggression

~ Debby Ball

Dispossession aggression
Land once held sacred
Ancestral homes
Colonized for greed
The People
The Ancestors
Removed from homes
Culture and traditions attacked
Broken promises
Broken treaties
Dispossession Agression
Land exploited
Resources exploited
People exploited
People dispossessed
Land back
No more dispossession aggression