He Travelled light from Venus to Mars to Casiopia
Dedicated to the Oceti Shakowin Cannonball River Camp, Standing Rock, SD

He Travelled light from Venus to Mars to Casiopia
Deft in his step, he knew the way
He had travelled this path a thousand times
Always the same reasons, Death and Destruction needed him...

They would wait, they always did, somber in Black cloaks
Hoods drawn low, eyes drawn to the Milky Way
Wary of the suns passing and the moons hidden agendas
The stood in silence, their angst always in flux...

Megatopians, Closers, Humkarians, Dratos Nations
They shared the same blood from millenniums past
Water and dust washed their minds eye with the constant blast
It all felt good, normal, driving their excitement into worm holes...

A two thousand year wait was not long in their time
And now the time had come as they waited for Him
And now He travelled as an astral wolf would travel
Hard and fast, slow and cautious, wary but optimistic...

But now the human race was in mortal danger
Once again He knew His time had come
In their time they had faltered and stumbled horribly
Now the question, what to decide? Whom to help, whom to leave behind...

The Milky way was his bridge, Universe 7 was his chariot
He carried no morose, no animosity, no judgement
The truth was it’s own reward, his blood was their blood
Had it not been for the Sundancers, He would never have known...

His time had come, and so He came.

~ Rpl

For my Cuzzins Pensmoke, White Elk, Maccniph, Samara, Melissa and Chooj who are making good medicine in music and the arts

An urge to rage is the first temptation,
Bite into the shards of your heart like glass, 
Ask Andrew Jackson 
To battle, 
Rattle the names of The Trail of Tears, 
Sand Creek, 
Till they strike fear. 

When your enemy ain't looking, pick up a pencil, 
Stencil the language in beats and rhymes, 
Time for a flute and some Southern Style Singing, 
Ringing against racism, 
Bringing us home.

~  Dr. Dawn Karima 


Winds have changed unannounced,
Deranged, but pronounced displays,
And depictions of madness.
Ins and outs mixed with doubts,
Reroutes some to seek little hideouts,
To flee from their sadness.
We'll proceed with the need to go water each seed,
And as previously agreed,
Reaching out to each creed,
With truth-spredding, indeed,
Being able to reach every address.

Having starved to learn more,
Layered down to the core,
With conclusions galore,
Even ones that before,
I, myself would deplore.
So, I swore to myself,
Every book on my shelf,
Would dictate how much knowledge to store.
But, in fact, over time,
Wisdom seemed more sublime,
When considering how to keep score.

Now I'll redirect sails,
Mind no change in the winds.
And consider the minor details.
Find what really makes sense,
As this truly depends, 
On the ones with thick skins,
Playing out what this story entales.

When the universe spins, it will matter.
It's when wars tip the scales,
A new struggle begins,
In a world full of shutes, 
But with only one ladder.

                           ~    P.C.Hernandez

What Abigail Knew
For Russ

Warriors with understanding 
When others run, 
Hum the songs of the Saints as they turn on their beds, 
They ascertain, 
Steadfast in perilous times,
And know what we ought to do. 

Osceola knew. 
You do, too. 
Like Geronimo, Joshua, Popay and Peter, 
Leaders lit 
By a guiding light. 
Fight the good fight, 
Till Kingdom come. 

                 ~  Dr. Dawn Karima 

For Kathy, The Artist Blouch 

Tendrils of flowers, 
The hours curl, 
Add lines to circles and patterns unfurl. 
You, the artist, make sense of it all, 
Call worlds into being, 
Cast a pall, 
Over tyranny, 
A remedy 
Rendered and framed
In flames. 

                  ~  Dr. Dawn Karima