Spring Thaw
I arrive at
mossy banks
Birch sentries
with battle torn limbs
from winters fury
We stand
in silent honor
of the river
passing by
being grateful
for the spring thaw
taking place
on the Kennebec
Highway of
my ancestors
liquid life
carrying pieces
of trees
gliding in succession
to places
only waters know
My eyes follow
the silent vigil
I am invited
to be a
witness to
Sunshine strokes
the waters
that catch
my eye
Birch bark canoes
gliding in succession
to places only
my ancestors knew
Women, children, men
turn to look at me
smiling, urging me
to go with them
To the other places
I have never
been before
to the other places
I have been before
I stare in amazement
clinging to the birches
on either side of me
my heart
aching to go
They pass by me
never turning
their backs to me
but looking back
at me, calling me
Sunshine strokes
the waters
that catch
my eye
I stand
in silent honor
of the river
passing by
carrying pieces
of trees
gliding in
to places
only waters know
~  Lisa Wilson

DNA Memories
 DNA Memories....
 Ancestral codes....
 Impregnated cells
 with the knowledge of old

 Connected to future
 we've walked through the past
 standing in present
 with the old ones at last

 You came to these lands
 under sign of the cross
 and preach of a Devil 
 and a "God" who is boss

 You killed us corralled us
 an herded us in
 You fenced us and taught us
 of "Original" sin

 Taking our children
 to schools they don’t know
 Torn from their families
 their scars they still show

 Bashing them senseless
 forbidding their way
 Their hair clothes and customs
 were all thrown away

 Forced to be something 
 that they never were
 "White man is coming"
 just all a bad blur

 You preyed on the old ones
 the young ones and women
 With Holy Black book
 all your sins are forgiven

 You told us we're pagan
 Godless heathen you see
 You burned us and hung us 
 May God's glory be

 Spirits now broken
 corralled and fenced in
 take away all their children
 and soon we will win

 Blankets diseased
 we will offer them
 one way or another 
 white man wins in the end

 Prisoner of war camp
 now called a rez
 inedible meat 
 an they'll soon all be dead

 Strip them of culture
 their children an shoes
 smallpox filled blankets
 an a bottle of booze

 Soon all this land 
 will easily be ours
 strip malls an porn shops
 replace their way and their power

 We've mastered them now
 Yet they are still here
 they stand for clean water
 and fight what all fear

 Nuclear plants
 they've danced all around
 praying that evil
 back into the ground

 Standing front line at the pipelines
 how important clear water
 for children of sons
 an for children of daughters

 While white man may wait
 for a savior to come
 corralled and fenced in
 by the slaves they've become

 Hallowed be thy name
 and thy kingdom come 
 Traded for souls of elders
 an the weak and the young

 Slave to a government
 slaves to the church
 slaves to a book
 that preached a rebirth

 Blinded by promises
 blinded by lies
 in a natural way
 somehow natives survived...

                          ~ Craiger 

Corvus # 3 
is your greatest truth 
as the crow flies 
ebony eyes 
dark glassy 
they listen 
my soul 
reaching out 
searching for 
to fill the void 
soothe the 
empty spaces 
wings surround me 
feathery caresses 
bits of 
shiny finery  
left at my feet 
they sing 
my soul 
call me to remember 
to stand fast 
my gifts 
freely offered 
there’s more  
to this 
this dance 
drop a line 
drop a feather 
use your eyes  
to see 
there’s more  
to come 
                     ~ Orannhawk

For Kathy, The Artist Blouch 

Tendrils of flowers, 
The hours curl, 
Add lines to circles and patterns unfurl. 
You, the artist, make sense of it all, 
Call worlds into being, 
Cast a pall, 
Over tyranny, 
A remedy 
Rendered and framed
In flames. 

                  ~  Dr. Dawn Karima

For Art 
Lifeblood flows first, 
Water last, 
A measure of time, 
An acre of dread, 
Bred in the bone and the desire of nations. 
When longing turns evil, 
Casts eyes toward the Rez, 
Says, while you build empires, 
Your heart will never be fed. 
This is the answer, 
The only reply, 
Sing songs of snow and salmon, 
Tell stories of the old ones and their ways, 
In days filled with dry meat and rain,
Pain bound by cedar, 
Broken by sage
Rage redeemed
By your elders' names. 
                  ~ Dr. Dawn Karima 

A Piece

you, me
under this heavy bear skin
did you ever 
your scent 
is as comforting to me 
as the sacred sage and cedar 
burned by the medicine man
and our elders 
village meetings
i miss you badly
in this time I am going thru now
I miss you

                                   ~ L. Hill

The Satyr Lives
There was a deadly cascade of dreams
That flowed down into the cracks and crevices
Of his useless mind
His tepid interior skull
It was as though
They had not visited before
The shocks, the volts, those electrified snakes
That crawled out of the walls and furniture
He knew it was time to pacify the demons
Tame the angels, cast conscientiousness into the void
Hallways, lights, twisting and turning on squeaky wheels
Led the way, as he floated to his private nirvana
All the rooms sparkled with white diamonds, crystals
All the doctors had the golden horns of satyr.
                                       ~ rpleith

Mermaid Princess Musings 
Dark green turquoise waters dream in the emptiness, 
Swirling to come back to life with tales of grandeur. 
The swirl of the sea, in an ocean of smoke, 
Stirs Siren songs that drive sailors mad. 
They all blamed mermaids.
Yet it was your song that brought to light curiosity.
Yes, that was before Eden, 
Before winter rain froze on the heart and grew hard, 
Wounded in the house of a friend 
Left on the shore, 
Wanting more, 
Than the season of salt rising with every tide.
Eden resulted from a bone.
My rib aches to encompass your form, 
Buoyant on Seafoam. 
You are home. 
                  ~ Dr. Dawn Karima & Tygel Pinto