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WINDS SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION / Annual scholarships awarded: 3rd highest point ranking - the Jeffrey E. Ferris Scholarship - $500.00. 2nd highest point ranking - $1,000; and 1st highest point ranking for the Janet L. Bernard / Russ Letica Scholarship Award - $2,500.00. Awardees will be notified first week of August annually.


Please submit your application via email.

Personal Information

  Student Name:

  Student ID Number:
  Tribe affiliation:
  Contact Information:


     Telephone number

  Date of birth:
  Grade level this fall:


  College, university or vocational school where scholarship is to be applied & address where check should be mailed:

  Submit a letter of recommendation from a current or past teacher or tribe elder

  May Whisper n Thunder publish your photo in upcoming issues of Whisper n Thunder?   yes / no

  If yes please send photo in a separate jpg file.

  I agree to film a thank you video which will be used by Whisper n Thunder to help promote the WINDS Scholarship      Fund.   yes / no      Note: Money will not be distributed to the educational institution until the video is received.

We ask that you address the following questions in your application in narrative format. 

1) Share with us ways in which the you have demonstrated leadership, creativity, and academic achievement. 

2) In what ways have you demonstrated a desire to serve your Native community? Include examples of service illustrating your tribal specific work. This question comprises a strong percentage of your overall score.

3) List your 3 most outstanding personality traits and why they will contribute to the your future in a positive way.

4) Answer the following questions:

a. Reason for financial assistance?
b. What is your grade point average?
c. What are your plans for the future? Include both school and intended  profession.

5) Please write a one page, single spaced essay answering one of the following two questions. The essay must accompany your application. This question comprises a strong percentage of your overall score.

"What is the greatest contribution Native culture can give as a gift to the global community?"


"In an effort to correct American history to reflect the true history of North American and Native interaction, how would you seek to educate all people of all races about what has happened, and what needs to happen?"

Please email your application, student essay and recommendation letter to:

Billie K., Fidlin
President, Whisper n Thunder
Whisper n Thunder Inc

The application will be reviewed by the WnT Winds Scholarship Committee. Each of the above questions have specific point values and are ranked accordingly.

Revised: January 2024