Wisdom From Granddad

~ Fox Northstar

I can’t help but think Gregory House had it

right – “Everybody dies.”

But then again, Einstein postulated that

neither energy nor matter can
be created or destroyed; however, it can

be converted from one toanother and vice versa. 

My point is this, we all wear out our
physical bodies and our spirits live on….sometimes

to be returned to another physical body.

Add to that, everything goes extinct.  It has happened before and
doubtless will happen again.  What bothers me is the headlong rush
humankind is making towards it….when technology finally crashes, and
it will (what manmade construct hasn’t, sooner or later), the young
folk will be so ill prepared I cannot be hopeful for the survival of
most of them.  At least at my age, odds are good; I will not be here
to see it.  But my grandkids might, or their grandkids.  Who knows

Obviously, I have a bug up my butt.  While we have managed to keep
traditions alive over the last half-millennium, I fear the survival
skills we need are vanishing so there will be very few survivors.  We
managed to keep the Anglos at bay, but the change is in the wind.  It
is not a good one.  Let me digress…

When I returned to the red road decades ago, there was a place close
by where we all gathered.  We had a pretty decent council of
intertribal elders, so many view points and traditions were available
to us to learn from.  As with all things, the attrition of old age
thinned out their ranks.  “Everybody dies.”  The sad part is, once the
majority of them passed, a power struggle ensued.  Respect was
demanded for those who vied for position to step up.  Traditions
established by the group were tossed out the window.  It became “my
way, or the highway” type of place.  I don’t know about you, but my
teachings are to respect the teachings of others, even if we do not
agree with or understand them.  Not good when that basic lesson is
ignored.  At any rate, the atmosphere got to the point where the
grounds can no longer be considered sacred, and I cannot bring myself
to go walk those disrespected grounds….I haven’t been back for years.

However, all was not lost.  While there, I met a Mohawk elder, who
taught me the ways of my father’s people.  Raised by Moms side, I had
a pretty good handle on Algonquin things, but Dads were a mystery to
me.  I am grateful that we shared a path for a couple of decades, I
learned so much.  But, he passed a couple of years ago, and his wife
(our clan mother) followed him 14 month later.  I have tried to get
our group together, but everyone in it seems no longer interested.
Another epic fail on my part.  One would think I would be used to that
by now, but I really hate to give up all hope.

This is nothing compared to another fiasco I am watching from Moms
side.  A well-known elder passed a number of years ago, and he had
been entrusted with a number of wampum belts over his lifetime.  Don’t
you just know it, factions emerged and “war” broke out.  Seems all too
many covet those wampum belts.  Funny thing is that they seem to have
disappeared.  William himself foretold of just those things happening.
More power plays, so nice of the invaders to have taught us that.

Part of what I’m saying is this:  We have managed to keep a good
number of our traditions alive until now, but I am seeing our efforts
collapsing.  Is our culture finally going extinct?  Methinks so….

One of our most ancient traditions is that we do not “own” the world;
we are but its custodians for those of us who shall follow.
Apparently, greed has interfered with that, as all seem to be
interested in their own “needs” and not those who will follow.
Amazing how after all this time and effort, the Anglos are finally
going to “win.”

While I understand the outside interest in our culture, their attempt
at mimicking it has done much more harm than good.  These wannabee
pretendians are Have no idea how much more damage than good.  They
have no idea that they must walk their talk.  We should be proud of
our ancestors for saving as much as they could for us, but many of us
are not walking OUR talk.  If we truly wish to honour both our
ancestors and heritage it is time for us to do just that!