Wisdom from Granddad
~ Fox Northstar

FINALLY!!!  The craziness that has become

my life subsides….for a bit, at least.  When I

retired, I figured I would have more time to


Yeah, right.  That having been said, and while

I have this place to myself, it is time to tend to

the backburner.  Sad to say, my column
sometimes slips.  My bad, I own that.  I have been

behind deadline, but never this much.

I never expected to be(e) this busy.  I’m not

complaining, life ain’t dull, for sure.  Add to the mix new twin grandbabies (one of each),
never mind the holiday BS!  Let me digress… while there were certain
things I expected to come with age (some things to bite me in the ass
from YEARS ago), the honors were not anticipated by any means.  Never
mind all the invites I get to events.  (North of 60 in 2019 if we can
get the details right.) Honestly, I’m still not comfortable with a lot
of this, but all I can hear is from the grandfathers/crossed elders is
“You earned it, deal with it.”

Oh, bugger… I’m in for it now.  Really, it’s OK.  They didn’t guide me
along this path without some kind of purpose, I only wish I knew WHAT
is was!  But then, don’t we all? And they never give me more than I
can handle.  Shout out to the grandfathers for that… so grateful.

It has occurred to me I have been shooting my mouth off in this forum
for over five years now.  Sheesh, who’d a thunk it, Gram would say.
Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle, that’s over 20 rants and tirades.  Well
ain’t I blessed that I have somewhere to vent.  If I have offended, I
do apologize… but ask yourself this…. did I get you to think?  Even if
we do not agree, that’s fine.  Discussion is where we find common
ground… and can be one hell of a lot of fun.

That having been said, I have done my best to vent only once on a
particular topic.  So many topics, and so little time.  I drive my
daughter off the deep end because I have ‘post its’ everywhere - she
calls it the paper minefield.  Yep, she’s mine, no doubt!  But to get
back on track, I have things that pop into my head for WnT, and then
it becomes a ‘post it’ over the desk… think there are about 30, but I’m
not going to be anal enough to count them, OK?

I really need to find the time to gather the older columns so I can
keep from being redundant.  Can you say ‘post its’?  Lets see if I can
fit that into the beadwork schedule for spring…

Obviously, a number of my friends read WnT.  I do appreciate being
critiqued (as apposed to being critical), and having suggestions from
them.  Oh bugger!  More  ‘post its’...

At any rate, much of the feedback I get is that I write “just like I
talk.”  That phrase, oft repeated.  Grant you, I’m a wee bit
flattered, but it dawned on me, that is quite a gift that is easily
shared.  Isn’t that SPECIAL!

But, here’s the rub. I write off the cuff, so to speak.  College
wasn’t all so long ago for me as I was a non-trad(itional) student as
I was over 30, well 40 then.  I did enjoy the experience, but I was
terrible on getting papers done, although I always made deadline.
(Sorry, Billie).

The thing was I did my best to work my papers over the course of the
semester, but I couldn’t.  Sure, I read the books, formed my
opinions… but all the details of citations and the like, didn’t work
well with me.  I did try.

It seems I have a gift in this, however.  The day and night before a
paper was due, that’s when I would sit down and write it.  Did my
best, but the professors knew I got it, cut me a lot of slack, and
gave me good grades.

So, when you read something in Wisdom from Granddad, please keep in
mind, odds are I have been guided to whatever is ticking me off at the
moment.  I never mean to offend (although I’m told I’m good at it),
but if I get you thinking, my part is done.

Hope you all have the best New Year!


Image Courtesy the Author