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Wisdom from Granddad

~ Fox Northstar

Editor's Note: This article was written

prior to the SCOTUS decision on RvW.

George Satanta said it best:

“Those who fail to learn from

history, are DOOMED to

repeat it.” 

Sadly, that seems to be the path this
country is headed down.  Anyone with a lick of sense knows that most
of history is a result of wars and politics.  There is no escaping
that, they are so intertwined.  As this is an election year for
mid-terms, we should all be paying the closest attention to that than
we have in years.  Hard earned rights are under attack by religious
fanatics who demand we follow their way of thinking.  That is totally
undemocratic, and leads to autocracy at best, and fascism at worst.

Let us dispose of the “war” side of things first.  Since this country
was founded 246 years ago, the USA has been involved in some form of
conflict for at LEAST 209 of them.  While the longest (Afghanistan)
just ended after two decades, countless billions of dollars and 3000
lives lost, we are not completely out of the woods as yet.  We are
still passively involved (and rightly so) in the current Ukrainian
debacle.  Yes, there is the argument that the US has been, over the
years, as bad as Russia in our foreign affairs, but methinks while the
intent was to help, we still wound up creating more havoc than we

I used to claim I was an Independent, politically, but I have decided
my approach is more non-partisan.  I do my best to listen both sides,
then use my experience and education (I have BAs in both history and
political science) and think my way through to what I believe the
better path.  Sometimes, I have been proven wrong.  Let me digress.

My grandparents were Republicans.  When I was younger, I leaned that
way myself. After all, they freed the slaves, and gave them the vote.
Later, that extended that right to women. They were the ones who gave
my grandparents the right to vote in federal elections. (Maine gave
indigenous people that right decades before.)  Yes, I voted for Nixon,
and came to regret it.  After that (in 1980) I voted Independent for
Anderson.  The votes he took away allowed Reagan to get in, and look
what his policies are still doing to make the rich richer and the poor
poorer.  We should never forget that this country was founded by a few
white elites, those who had land, money and could read.  Everyone else
didn’t matter.  When they wrote the Constitution, they intended as a
guide to grow along with the needs of the nation.  Sadly, it has been
used as a weapon ever since.

When Mom remarried, she married a Democrat.  At the time, racism was
still rampant in the old confederacy. Being Meti (mixed blood), I
figured it was only a matter of time, if they gained control, they
would come after me.

Most of what amazes me is how the situation has flipped since then.
The Democrats are now the supporters of the rights of everyone, and
the Republicans have become the oppressors.  Go figure, but the racism
in the south remains.  They used to send Dixie-crats to Washington,
now they send Repugnicants.

So the facts remain, conservatives are appropriately named.  They want
to revert to the old ways of the founding fathers, where only the rich
elites rule, and to hell with what the majority wants. Greed and power
are their only true interests. Remember, after the last election, the
most secure in history, they continue to promote the “Big Lie” that
the election was stolen.  After more than 60 cases filed for voter
fraud, most were thrown out for having no foundation in fact.  When
that failed, those geniuses decided to attack the Capitol.  They are
willing to do ANYTHING to retain power; not the American way.  And,
when that failed, several states passed voter “reform” laws to ensure
the integrity of the next election, but in fact have placed obstacles
and restrictions on MINORITY voters.  Replacement theory is their cry,
but they are the ones replacing voting right with restrictions.
Granddad would say that’s no way to run a railroad.

So, here is how I see the issues for the mid-terms.  Remember, I have
studied Constitutional Law.

First, Roe v. Wade.  No one has a right to tell anyone how to make
their health decisions.  While abortion is not specifically mentioned
in the Constitution as no one had thought of it at that point in time,
the 14th Amendment guarantees the right to privacy.  And what could be
more private than that?  All recent polls show that the 60-70% favor
Roe as it is.  Should SCOTUS overturn it, what will be next?  Gay
marriage? Voting rights (which are already under attack in many
conservative states)?

Second, gun control.  I am a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment, but
when it was adopted, muzzle-loading flintlocks were state-of-the-art.
I doubt the founding fathers could even have imagined the weaponry
available today.  Keep in mind, as a collector, I have had
semi-automatic long guns.  But I also had a federal collectors
license, as my interest is military history.  Over the years, I have
down-sized to where I have but 3 long guns (2 bolt action over 100
year old, and a Winchester) and my Colt 45 ACP. I do believe that
backgrounds checks should be much more thorough than they are, and
“red flag” laws are a great idea.  Those are supported by 90% from all
perspectives!  Yet, the gun lobby has too much influence on the
Congress. That has to end.  I understand the amendment was written so
the citizenry could repel future invasion, but that has not happened
in 246 years! (That’s why 9/11 used planes.)  Assault weapons should
be banned.  History showed us that mass shootings dropped during the
brief time they were banned.  While I do not hunt, I have no desire to
fault those who do so, and make the best use of their kills.  Meat and
skins are still a big part of our culture.  I do take issue with
trophy hunters, as they allow so much to be wasted. Honestly, I have
never seen a game animal in Kevlar…so whets the “need” for them?

Third is climate control.  Anyone who has lived in an area the past
two decades cannot deny it exists.  The drought in the west, and
resulting wildfires are proof.  How about the longer and more intense
hurricane season?  Or tornado rampages through old Dixie?  Those have
only become newsworthy as they were considered anomalies at first, but
have become all too common.  If you have not noticed where you live,
your turn will come, and sooner than you think.

Fourth is inflation.  If you think the executive branch has any
control over that, then you better do more homework.  It is the
legislative branch that can make the rules that help, and fail to do
so. And the root cause is greed of the oil companies!  They brag about
record profits during the highest fuel prices ever!  Remember, all
yours goods are moved with fossil fuels.  To remain viable, those
companies have to increase their prices as their costs have gone up.
Nothing moves without fuel, and we pay for that. No ifs, ands, or
buts!  Put the blame for inflation where it belongs -- big business
(GREED) and Congress (bribed by big biz). And do not forget, this
round of inflation is worldwide, every country on the planet is
suffering, so who is REALLY to blame?  I think I answered that.  We
had warnings almost 50 years ago to move away from fossil fuels, but
did we listen or act upon it THEN?

Fifth is voters rights.  Thanks to the “big lie,” and the fools who
spread it, many states has passed voting laws for the “security” of
the vote.  They ignore that 2020 was the MOST secure election in
history.  After all, out of 60 odd legal cases filed, all but a few
failed.  Here is the kicker, those found to have validity were
perpetrated by the party that filed the lawsuits. Seems they accuse
others of what they do.  Their intent is to rewrite the laws to
disenfranchise those who they know would vote them out in an overt
attempt to retain power.

And last, and this is my favorite as it is so hypocritical:
replacement theory!  Oh really?  Sounds all too familiar.  White
supremacy, yeah right after 500 years of destroying the native
culture, and importing one from Africa for unpaid servitude….what did
they expect?  First, they cannot be replaced unless they all wear
black-face…that’s the only replacement I understand.  Even in
antebellum Dixie, but the time slavery was abolished, blacks outnumber
whites 5-to-l.  When freedmen got the vote in 1866, the white
plantation owner were instantly replaced.  What really cracks me up,
is before the war,  the elite spoke with a more British accent.
Today’s Southern drawl is a direct result of “slave-speak” influencing
the local vernacular.  Ain't that a hoot?

So, if don’t think you vote matters, then why is the “big lie” such a
big deal?  Simple, it denies the truth.  We prove two years ago we can
make a difference.  Each vote is important, or there would not have
been such an effort to overturn them before, and the response by
passing restrictive laws to keep YOUR voice from being heard.  It has
taken far too long for us to get our rights!  Now that we have them,
it is NOT the time to squander them away.  If we do not act, they will
keep chipping away at the rights that our ancestors fought for!
Remember, if you do not vote, you wont help make a difference, and you
have NO right to bitch if you don’t like the outcome…its that simple.

As always, do your best to walk in balance!

Note: Graphic used with permission via Fox Northstar