​​Wisdom from Granddad
~ Fox Northstar

I’m tired, frustrated, and disgusted!  I’m

tired of the lies and misinformation. 

I’m frustrated that nothing  is being done

about it and disgusted that people are

too lazy to fact-check things.  Seems we
are all waiting to see what fails and

collapses first:  American democracy, “

civilization” as a whole, or the planetary

ecology.  All CAN be prevented…but it is up to us to act upon them.

This wasichu country is nothing but a lie.  Even its name is a lie,
nothing about is united, nor has it ever been.  Even the progress made
in the last century is under attack.  We have not been this divided
since the antebellum days of Dred Scott.  So let's see how we got to
this point, which the previous administration took full advantage of
those divisions and encouraged them.  While I don’t think it started
as a conspiracy, it seems to have developed into one.

It came in three parts, so let us examine each.  Mind you, at the
time, I supported some of these ideas.  They sounded good at the time,
but in practice, each was an epic fail!

The first is trickle-down economics.  In theory, reducing taxes would
stimulate the economy, putting more money into everyone’s pockets.
That backfired big time.  As the rich got greedier, the middle class
took the brunt of the effect and has been essentially eliminated.
Never mind the fact the government needs taxes to function.  Everyone
complains about the federal deficit and wants the program it has
created, but NO one wants to accept they need to be paid for.  If the
mega-rich and big business paid their fair share, the deficit would
come down, as would our taxes.  Remember that Reagan and Bush passed
them, and created the largest deficits that increased during their
tenures. Keep in mind, also included in that package were laws that
directly led to “union-busting” and the closure of many factories and
resultant loss of jobs.  I find it ironic that those jobs went
overseas where the similar pay and working conditions which are
illegal here in the USA.  These same people rail against any
“socialist” programs here, but by sending the jobs to China (for the
most part)  and de facto support of a communist regime.  And yet, they
claim to be Christians?  Methinks their ethics and morals are a bit

Then there was the Fairness Doctrine, which mandated all media must
present fair and balanced viewpoints on anything controversial.
SCOTUS has chipped away at it for decades and pretty much removed it
effectiveness and allowed the rise of propaganda (Fox et al) news, and
has no penalties for spreading misinformation (at best) and lies (more
the norm).

Finally, there is “Common” core education system.  It is based on
standardized tests REQUIRED for anyone to graduate high school.  That
would be fine, but I have never seen a standardized child.  This year
will be my 50th high school's reunions (covid permitting) and my 20th
for my university was canceled.

During my high school days, we did have standardized testing, but our
diploma was not reliant on that.  Our cumulative grade determined if
we graduated or not.  Yes, I failed a couple of classes, but my GPA
was enough to graduate.  By the time my kids were in high school, I
was in college.  As a non-traditional student, I noticed how many
recent high school graduates had to take remedial courses to bring
their math and English skills to the college level.  I had to take
remedial math myself (I flunked them in high school) and had to ask
why it was necessary.  The answer was so I could solve problems!  Mind
you I was in my forties so my reply was “How do you think I got this
far if I couldn’t solve problems?“

My daughter complained about school, so I spent a day going to classes
with her.  Immediately, I saw the problem caused by common core.
Teachers were no longer allowed to teach our children to think for
themselves and figure out the solution.  Rather they are taught to a
test by rote, so they can pass the standardized test in order to
graduate.  Apparently, all the “powers that be” want from our
youngsters is an ability to run machines and never, EVER question
anything.  That’s the groundwork for creating those who do as they are
told, and never ask “Why?”  It is also how fascism gets a foothold.

Several surveys have discovered how effective the dumbing down has
become.  Most people who support the lies have no more than high
school education if that.  They were taught never to question
anything, nor do any research.  On the other hand, those who have
attended some college have gotten the tool of critical thinking.  Yes,
we question everything…as we should.  The curiosity instilled in us
leads us to investigate both sides, ponder on the issues, and then
decide what is best for the nation.

So yes, I am tired.  Tired of the lies and the uncounted and
preventable deaths they have created.  The only “good” thing about
that is most of those who have passed were those who would vote for
the fascists.  Pretty smart to depend on your voting base, inst it?
That certainly should be cause for alarm on their side, yet is not!

I am frustrated that those who spread the lies are not held
accountable.  Those aforementioned were preventable.  Someone should
make those faux new channels to account for involuntary manslaughter.
Many states have statutes for depraved indifference, seems to fit the
bill for me.

I am disgusted that all too few of us are not more proactive.  It only
takes a few minutes every day to put an effort to make this a better
world for all.  But most won't be bothered as they rather focus on
things that distract us from taking the necessary action to accomplish
something positive, and yet they are the loudest whiners.  Put your
money and mouth where it counts.  Apparently, self-centered greed is
more important than leaving something better for the next seven

As always, these opinions are mine, but at least I am doing my part to
make a better world….and this column is only a small part of my
efforts.  Now you must ask yourself this:  What have I done today to
help make a better planet?  Granted, no one can do it alone, but we
proved a year ago, if we team up, we can change the world.

Always, do your best to walk in balance. It's not easy I know, but so
worth it in the long run.  Our descendants will either thank us. Or
curse us, depending on what we do NOW!

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