Wisdom from Granddad

~ Fox Northstar

We authors were handed another mandate,

but this one will be so much easier….I
think, as I sit here amidst the first

onslaught of albino mosquitoes
for the season .  The environment.  

That’s a pretty broad scope, from
the ever expanding universe (thanks, Eric Idle) to those creatures
which are so small we cannot see them with the naked eye.  Don’t
forget, our personal environments also count. Think I can find some
wiggle room there.  As many of you know, I spent my summer on a grand
adventure.  Travelling out the northern tier of states, up through the
Rockies all the way to Alaska and the Yukon, and returning kitty
corner through Canada.  Got to see many environments from the Great
Lakes, Great Plains, the aforementioned Rockies, to the arboreal
forests and tundra.  If that doesn’t give one a chance to pause and
ponder the big picture, I don’t know what will.

I had to pass up on the annual clan gathering for which I kept the
sacred fire for decades.  They were forewarned I would not be there.
Sad part is, the feedback I got on my return was not pleasant.  On the
plus side, it gave me something to think about, and, oddly enough, a
way to fit a teaching into this little excursion. I was dismayed to
hear how much disrespect went on, and when I tried to find out more,
and discuss it with our clan mother, the door was kicked shut in my
face.  I was brought up to discuss differences so they could be worked
through, but apparently that lesson has been forgotten or chosen to be

The plus side of this is it got me thinking of a teaching as old as
time itself.  One that seems to be dying.  As a staff carrier, I must
honour the “rules” of that responsibility, and quite often, that
upsets people. Any wonder there are so few who accept that
responsibility?  As such, I feel obligated to share the teaching I
carry about respect.  Stayed tuned, it should make sense by the time
I’m finished.

It all comes down to respect, but as with all things, there is a
hierarchy.  Please note, these are the teachings I carry.  Yours may
be different, and I respect that.  I would not expect them all to be
the same.

Utmost in priority is the Old Ones, Grandmothers, Grandfathers and
Ancestors.  We are all born with the ability to connect with them
directly.  The sad thing is these “new” cultures do their very best to
discourage that. (Can you say “religion?”) ALL of them.)  I, for one,
need no middle man to tell me what to believe when I am blessed with
that ability.  Keep in mind, though, as much of a blessing it may be,
it does come with a price….which can also be a curse.  Yes, that is a
balance, but the rewards far outweigh the drawbacks.

Next comes respect for the little blue marble we all inhabit.  After
all, if our mother gets trashed, where are we going to go?  Current
technology can reach the little red planet in a couple years of travel
time (which could be terraformed) but we are still centuries away from
the ideal of Star Trek. It seems so simple.  We must tend to home
first.  Here is a thought….if we trash our home here, do you really
think the Old Ones will let do the same to another?

Then there are we humans. Supposedly, the most intelligent life form

on the planet, but I sometimes wonder. We are taught to respect all

others, and above other forms of physical beings. To do so otherwise

is the highest form of disrespect. 

After that are the critters.  Back in the day, they were primarily a
food source or tools.  Fur baby pets were not even envisioned until a
century and a half ago, more or less.  Up to that point, they were
bred for specific purposes, such as hunting and helping us with our
daily chores.  Once they could not do that, they wound up as a meal.
Nothing was allowed to go to waste.  Ever hear of dog soup? The ones
we could not, or would not, eat also served functions.  Predators
culled the herds of the weak and sick, helping our ancestors stay
healthy.  Scavengers cleaned up the mess, after all, even back then,
something had to deal with the garbage.  Once they became “fur
babies,”  the problems arose.  When a person places priorities of
their pet over the needs of humans, there is a problem.  If a person
needs a seat, a critter should move.  When someone needs a path, the
critter should be moved as opposed to a human having to step over
(balance issues can hurt both human and critter).  To do otherwise is
ignoring a very basic teaching.

Lastly, and with no disrespect intended, are plants.  They were on
this planet long before any animals evolved, so they are among the
most ancient of life forms.  We use many as food, and many more as
medicines. If not for them, the rest of us would not be here.  Besides
that, they perform a function that is crucial by cleaning the carbon
dioxide which is our waste, and supplying the oxygen we so vitally

That having been said, we all need to take a more proactive part in
maintaining and preserving our little blue marble.  As I asked before,
where do we have the capability to go?  What pains me most, is if
things do not change, we are on the path of self-extinction.  It is
time for us ALL to get proactive on climate change and recycling.  Are
we not supposed to prepare the world for the next seven generations?
Or have we all become so self-centered that we let the traditions of
our ancestors die…..followed all too soon by our environment?  Being a
part “of” or "apart from" will become moot.  There will be no one left
to sing our songs….