Wisdom from Granddad
~ Fox Northstar

Well, I have managed to behave myself

the past few columns, but
watching the world of late has sent me

off into a tizzy.  Granddad
raised me to be pragmatic, which is a realist who ponders information, processes it, and draws conclusions.  That having been said, I’m off on another tirade…keep in mind these are the results of my pondering, and not necessarily those of WnT.  Many of the remainder will be things that I have been guilty of as well.  Keep in mind; I was brought up to be “white,” which was in vogue until the 1980s.

Eventually, I learned to keep one foot in each world, the other being
the “red” road.  Keep in mind, when I am referring to “white” here, I
am referring to the 1% moneyed class….and it has been since serfdom in

First things first….can anyone tell me what is so “civil” about
civilization?  It has always been the upper crust that was supposedly civil, and forced their views on the masses….does religion ring a bell? When I was in college, “Western Civilization” was the only MANDATORY history class.  Isn’t that special?  All the other courses were this or that “History.” The biggest lessons from Western Civ were that the white moneyed class would declare wars to promote their beliefs, but send the poor masses in to do the dirty work.  Just another tool used to subvert the less fortunate. To me, that sounds anything BUT civil(ized). Keep in mind, all those documents were authored by the elite, and one could not vote if they were not land owners or knew how to read.  But, let me share my viewpoints on some of the lessons we have learned from them.

First. Let me dive into distracted driving.  What the hell do they
expect when the responsibility for one’s actions is not addresses AND you make them less involved with the actual driving experience?

Self-driving cars…really?  Who is going to pay damages when that
screws up, and it will.  Granddad used to say “The more complicated
you make anything, the more things that can go wrong….and will
eventually.”  Here’s an idea, and it would also save gas and make
drivers more pro-active, and keep vehicle costs down.  Simple enough, outlaw all the safety gadgets (which will fail…already has for google) and automatic transmissions, except for those who have an actual need for it.  Once you do that, they will have less chance to be distracted as shifting the stick requires one to be more focused on the driving by being a more active participant.  I have found that when I am driving someone else’s automatic; my driving is a bit less relaxed and nowhere near as focused. Think about it.

Here is another that really sticks in my craw, GREED!  Our tradition
is we take care of family first, and ALL excess goes to help the rest
of the community.  You don’t see that with the whites….how much
“disposable” income does one need? Sure, I like nice things, and I
have a few hobbies I indulge in…yeah, material crap my kids will have to deal with, but not so much as I had before my storage unit got ripped off. (A blessing in disguise, as it turns out.) While my
pensions cover my expenses, disposable income is almost nil.  No
biggy, as I eat, have a place to sleep (and keep the kitties), and the
occasional lunch in town.  Truly, I do not need more, but I do covet
books and certain other collectibles, so I am guilty as charged.

Now the infrastructure is going to pot, and everyone wants it fixed,
but no one wants to pay for it (the usual double standard of greed).
Instead, the government raises the debt ceiling, so who is going to
pay for that?  At the rate we are going, it will be our next seven
generations.  “Never do for ourselves what we can pass on to others.”

And why do the drug companies advertise?  Are they trying to get us
all to self-diagnose?  As it is, we hardly get any face time with our
doctors, and we are supposed to recommend our own drug regimen?  But here is the kicker.  They claim prices are high because of research?

Horse-hockey!  They spend 5 times the amount they say goes to research on advertising!  If they want to keep prices low, prescription med advertising should be outlawed as it is in Canada. And, to add insult to injury, they offer to “help” you with the cost of the prescription. If that’s the case, they can afford to charge reasonable prices.  They should be a service, not a “for profit” industry.  The heart has just gone out of it.

While I am on this greed thing, how about the non-profits that
advertise ad nauseum?  I did a little research on this one.  Sure, you
can donate just 19 cents a day (roughly $250 per year), but each time you see one of those ads on national idiot box, and they DO get a discount, it takes 4 NEW subscriptions to cover the coast of that one airing of the ad.  If I am donating, I sure as hell don’t want my
money going in the ads….it’s now why I am donating. (Not that I do,
mind you.)  Here’s the rub, just to break even on the ads, 4 new
people have to sign on EACH and EVERY time an ad appears.  Do the math, in less than a year, every person in the USA would have to
donate a half dozen times a year for them to have ANY money to use as they claim.  I am not making donations to anything that turns around and uses 90% of my donation for advertising, that is JUST wrong! Yep, more white lies.

Another thing is gun control.  Yes, I am as unhappy with the violence
inspired by the current administration, but WE all know what happens when guns are taken away….we get screwed by the government. Keep in mind I am all FOR thorough background checks, and I would add certifiable training to that for the particular weapon involved. Never mind that gun control affects only law abiding citizens!  Criminals have never had trouble getting guns….do you really think passing new laws is going to affect them? Someone pointed out to me that most of the violence has been in the past 3 decades, and much of the problem is the government has stepped in and TOLD us how to raise our kids.

The backlash of that is now everyone is afraid of disciplining their
kids for fear the state will step in.  While I do not remember
specifics after a half century, odds are I got spanked once or
twice…must have been real brutal for me to have “blocked” it….yeah
right.  We were made to mind our elders, and there were other
punishments doled out I’m sure….I just do not remember as IT WASN’T BAD!  I like to think I haven’t turned out so bad, but it has not been without a lot of work on my part.

Lastly (?), the education system is broken.  Mandatory tests to get a
diploma?  Seriously?  I earned my master’s in education, but student
teaching showed me one no longer teaches, but coaches.  
Classes are taught by rote now, none of our kids are taught to think for themselves.  Each of us has our gifts, and they should be nurtured, not suppressed.  

I am good at a few things, and you are good at
others.  That’s partly how our society balances.  Teaching to a test
any fool can do, but to get kids to think for themselves is a gift,
not often used for teachers fear losing their jobs.  No, I have never
taught in a formal classroom, but that by no means says I do not
teach.  An example of how far off track the system here is…a local TV station promotes the STEM program, which is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  They see it as a “requirement “as so few students show an interest.  Well, I have 2 problems with that.  First, they get browbeat to follow a lead, and ignore their natural gifts; and second, not all of us have the same talents, so we will be better at some things than others.  Personally, I suck at math, but growing up in the trading post, I can do most arithmetic in my head.  What they are trying to do is create lots of good little soldiers that know only how to follow directions….independent thinking is discouraged.

Sound familiar?  Think Carlisle and other res schools….never mind the NAZI approach.

One last thing, keep in mind the 1% are all immigrants.  They left
Europe because of oppression just so they could oppress others,
trickle-down theory I guess.  And then they bitch when society goes to hell.  What did they expect when they hung out a sign that says “Give me your hungry, your tired, your poor?”  Did they expect to get the cream of society?  Why are they so disappointed when they got the dregs?  Immigrants are the last thing we need at present.  We cannot take care of those who are here already, immigrant or not. We should not take on more until we can take care of our own. Also, if there are laws in place for immigration, they should be enforced, no ifs,ands, or buts!  If they can’t respect what laws are in place on that, do you think they will respect other laws?  Remember, Castro sent his dregs, and Miami had some serious problems for a spell. If they do not respect the 1% laws, as WE have been forced to do….why should they get better treatment?  Another double standard.

I keep hearing the phrase from the Declaration which says
(paraphrasing here), “When the government fails to meet the needs of the people, it is the peoples right AND duty to rise up to form a new government.” To quote the Burgermeister from Young Frankenstein, “A riot is an ugly thing….and I think it’s about time that we had one!”

I don’t expect many of you to agree, but I got you to think (NOT
agree), then I have opened a door for you.  Whether you choose to pass through it or not is up to you, as is what you do on the other side once is as well.  Do your best to keep an open mind.  “Believe only half of what you see, and nothing that you hear.”  ~ Granddad.