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Wisdom from Granddad

~ Fox Northstar

When I first started for WnT, my intent was

to honor my Granddad by sharing the things

he would say, most of them NOT politically

correct but spot-on nonetheless.  Also, to

share the lessons I have gathered while

walking the Red Road.  While some of that

has been accomplished, I have all too often

descended into tirades.  But the point has been to remember we do not own this world….we only borrow it from our children.

My own siblings have pointed out, by reading my musings as well as “dealing” with me, that my best honoring is that I have become the 21st Century reincarnation of him.  I can think of no higher compliment.  That having been said, time to move on to the meat of the issues.

History has always been defined by two things--politics and war.  There is no escaping that, as they are so intertwined.  I never intended for this to devolve into the political arena, but it has, sad to say.  And there is a good reason for it, our next seven generations!  A lesson that has been lost to so many, I hope to light a fire under many backsides before it has become too late.  We must sacrifice for the future….or there will not be one!  Also, we must be active.  While it is true no ONE can make a difference, as a team, we can.  We have just seen positive proof of that by throwing out a fascist. Please keep in mind, I belong to no political party.  I am Independent and do the research which forms the opinions I have.

As things stand, this country faces three major issues, and they affect not only all Americans but the entire planet.  We must join forces to save the world for those yet unborn. “If the lesson is not strong enough, it will not be heeded,” Crazy Horse, as he prepares to ride in and deal with Custer.  It is time to take heed, or it will all too soon be too late.

This country has a political party that struggles for total control, using FEAR and lies to obtain TOTAL control of your life.  That is no joke, and obvious to anyone who takes the time to read.  Heinrich Himmler (Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, and head of both the SS and Gestapo) said it best:  “Tell a lie, make it a big lie, and repeat it so often that it becomes perceived as the truth, then the rest is simple.”  We are seeing that on a daily basis, with the restriction of voting rights worked so diligently for and removal of rights we have enjoyed for the last half-century.  Not to mention, those who can afford to pay taxes the most pay pittances compared to the majority of us.  It is all about money, greed, and control.  Of course, they fear change….it will cost them THINGS!

On the opposite side of the coin is the party of HOPE and PROGRESS, willing to try things to make our lives better.  They have admitted when they make mistakes, but are willing to drop back and regroup when they fail, and try again….until they get it right.  They brought us both retirement and health benefits, both decades ago.  Yes, they had to be tweaked now and then to be more effective, and it has been admitted the tweaking needs further work….but they are at least willing to make the effort.

I admit that I have supported each side of the aisle.  Each side has some merit to it, but lately, the balance has been tipping.  I realize a lot of my stuff lately has been mostly “doom and gloom,” but I have concerns if there will even BE another seven generations.  You should as well!  Granted, we now have the “easiest” lifestyle of history, so enjoy it while it lasts.  I admit I do not have the survival skills I should, but I know I have far fewer days ahead of me than I do behind me.  But my grandchildren’s journey has just begun.  My hope is there will be a decent world left to them.  So, let me address the global issues that might not affect you or me greatly, but our descendants will deal with, and we left it to them.

First, the current threat of the pandemic.  It is not the first, nor will it be the last.  The proof is right in front of us, all we need do is stop believing the lies.  When the vaccine first came out, I hesitated. I freely admit I wanted to see if there were going to be major issues.  There were not, so I got my jab.  I continue to mask up.  I do that for the respect for the health of others, but I admit I am selfish enough to want to stay healthy. At my age, one does not push one's luck!  Granted, it is too soon to know what long-term effects there may be, but I would like to be around to find out.

Second, global warming is now a recognized threat to us all.  I live in an area where winters have been a problem since I was a child, no biggy.  In the past decade, there have been winters here when the snow thrower was started just TWICE!  Once to get it out of storage, and the other to put it back in.  Then in the “bad” winters, I used it only a few times.  That reminds me of what I was told in Dawson City (Yukon) a couple of years back.  In the previous five years, the Yukon River had not frozen over, which meant people living on the east side had no ice bridge to get to town for necessities.  I noticed in town, that several buildings which had been built on permafrost were slowly sinking into the ground.  The city has a program (it is a federal historic district) to stabilize them and is progressing as rapidly as possible.

This cushy life we now have is going to disappear, regardless. Mark my words--prices are going to rise, most dramatically on fossil fuels.  If we do not do what needs to be done, the next seven generations will not come to pass.  Are you willing to share responsibility for that?

So, you ask, what can I do?  SACRIFICE!  Our ancestors did, and we can as well.  Mask up.  Do not leave your vehicle idling when you run in for a quick errand.  Vote for those who believe in climate change, and are pro-actively bringing an end to the pandemic.  Relearn the self-sufficient lives of our ancestors. (Too late for me to get real good at those.)  Protest, donate if you can.  Most importantly, make your voice heard.  Remember that it takes one hundred pennies to make a dollar, so even you one, seemingly insignificant part CAN make the difference.  You need only to get off your butt and DO anything.

It is only a matter of time before all leisure, gas-guzzling craft will be not worth the expense to operate, so what will you do with all the free time?  How about making an effort to keep our planet alive---any way possible for you.

As always, the views expressed herein are my own, not those of WnT…..but I bet more agree with me than not.  Walk in balance.