Song Of Lozen
Do not underestimate me because I am Indigenous.
Do not underestimate me because I am a woman.
Do not underestimate me because I am an Indigenous woman.
I am a daughter of Earth and Sky.
They are my Power -
They are my Strength!
My Sisters all throughout the world, and I, stand strong and proud -
right by the side of our Sacred Brothers!
We stand for Earth, for Sky, for All Our Relations In Between!
We will defend Them.
We will not allow you to hurt Them anymore.
I rise with the Morning Star to face the challenges ahead –
I am unafraid…
I raise my hands to Ussen, and I can see.
I see you.
I know where you stand.
Your thoughts glow darkly –
They reek of violence…
You think yourselves strong –
but you are as leaves before the Storm…
Your power is weak - it is no power at all...
just the spark of a dying toxic flame.
You have angered the Great Spirit with your hateful greed.
Sad -
pathetic -
inevitable s e l f-d e s t r u c t i o n lies ahead.
You have shown your faces to The Great Sacred.
You can hide no more.
I know who are -
I know who you are not...
Do not underestimate me...
I am The Coming Storm...
                                        ~Taina Amayi

Plea to Save Mother Earth
What will it take for them to understand?
Just how we feel about our motherland
She grows everything from her body
She survives all seasons; winter, spring summer, fall
Please can’t somebody
See she cannot survive them all

Trees ripped like hair from the head
Replacing with concrete, smooth instead
Like a prison cold and gloom
If we continue we shall see our doom

Trees surrounding, give us clean air
Holding dirt and mountains from the windy glare
Without we have mudslides, and destruction
Have you heard this mentioned.

Someone must scream and yell
Make sure the messages is clear
Tell, tell, tell

Because surely we must know the end is near.

Love her, support her
As she supports us

The animals like the deer
All who live within, should know
Saving her is a must.

                    ~Dawn M Gibson

Photo Credit: Nicole Bowman