An Alternative to an American Character

~ Ron Leith

A civilization's true character is apparent in how

they treat women and children.  It’s not politics,

economics, laws, education.  Although these

components are threads that weave through

society, they are only the means through which

the objectives are achieved. It is always the

result, the outcome, the evidence that exposes

the process in its clear expression.

The Supreme Court of the United States, the

Department of Justice, the Department of

Education, the Department of Interior, and the

Bureau of Land Management. They have all

taken positions which create a dangerous

paradigm for the common citizen.

Any federal program that reduces the value of land, water, and animals, and which is anti-conservancy is an example of societal degradation. If an agency is not protecting, serving, and listening to the common populace then they are deliberately ignorant of their true needs.

But even though all of these political and social industries seem to operate with consequential impunity and seem immune to change or citizen affect, there is another element that has become more pervasive and challenging if not outright dangerous, maybe the most dangerous.

And this is the theory of colonialist privilege. This is a sense of righteousness imported with the euro-centric class culture prevalent in the pre-accidental discovery of the Western hemisphere. So it has been in America and has been promulgating for several hundred years.

Racism has always been a misnomer in the United States. This is not to say that it does not exist, as it always has and has been an effective tool of colonialism. However, the effort to create and establish a clear hierarchy of hegemony has never been race-specific or race-permanent.

The colonialist diagram has always been imposed to exert a sense of Euro-centric privilege, the definition of which evolves depending on who is being heard at the moment. The current attempt to re-write history, re-create, and/or strengthen segregated schools, promote a modernist Christianity, and move toward an autocratic/fascist state is all to crystallize an Aryan colonialist dictatorship.

Many Americans feel that an autocratic state is the only solution to deny any further erosion of their life values. And this is regardless of who gets trampled in the process. So the common citizen may lose a life, liberty, and safe passage unless they support a screaming minority calling for the total annihilation of their enemies.

And this includes women and children. Where we began.

The last 50 years of women’s rights have been abolished by the Supreme Court. A Supreme Court justice has publicly sold his soul to the highest bidder.  His wife has publicly supported the overthrow of the United States and its Constitution. An indicted criminal has maligned and degraded as many women as he pleased, his children have grifted and grafted their way to popularity.  And all the while the legal system has languished in semantics and the definition of minutia.

During the pandemic many children lost countless hours of valuable teaching and learning, not to mention socializing.  The effort to address these deficiencies has been minimal. Instead, there has been a concentrated effort to appease students with a lack of discipline and a more liberal set of values in place of accelerated goals to achievement. Students aren’t being educated they're being housed. And those students who have taken advantage of a more benign discipline agenda find themselves in juvenile detention units waiting on overcrowded courts and overworked truant officers.

But once again the officers of colonialist privilege will take advantage of any deteriorating social situation. The children targeted are not to be the elite, rich, or children of class but are those who have already been socially or economically disadvantaged.  The children's detention centers, many of which are already crowded are asked to house, feed, discipline, and teach without adequate resources.

What many elitists do not realize is that change is ephemeral, only the natural is permanent.

The estimated number of homeless children in America is 4.2 million. 

The estimated number of homeless in America is 400,000

The estimated number of women affected by domestic violence is 1 in 4.

In Iowa Trump is ahead by 54.1%. He could very well become the proverbial Republican nominee for the Presidency. And he could very well become the next President.
And this Trump is as fascist as fascist gets. He is the ultimate totalitarian.

And if this is what some Americans are praying for they just might get it.

Many do not even suspect any danger or threat to life. They will jump into the fire of Hades with a smile and a prayer of gratitude.

But seeing this from a First Nations perspective, or an Indigenous point of view I have to say we have been here for over 10,000 years. And this has not been coincidental, or even circumstantial, we have been here by choice. 

We are not colonialists, and we are not purely political persons, nor are we elitists or 1 percenters. 

We are Indigenous. We are Natural. We are Realists. 

For those of us who have not been colonized, beaten, demoralized, jailed, and or killed we still maintain our true selves. Regardless of who is in Congress or the White House, we will remain true to ourselves. We remain true Indigenous.

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