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Chronical of a Scam - Women Beware
~ Cloud Dancer

Dating sites - a playground for many. Ill intent or

no intent. The kind, honest people almost don't

have a chance. Women - you MUST be aware.

You need to look for signs of fraud, use and abuse.

The following is a series of poems that over the

period of 4 weeks went from - could he be the

one - to - trust your gut. Something is amiss here.

While I'm grateful for my wisdom and cautious

nature - like anyone else - I wish things would

have been different. 

All this to say - what do you really know about the person? Will he answer your questions and understand your reasons for caution? He must. And be happy to do so. If not, run don't walk the other way. Use every resource you have to verify what you're told. We live in a very / different / world. The older we get the more vulnerable we become. Be wise sister, be wise. Even the best of us can lose our heart. For, a moment.

We Will

Is it normal to be so in love that I can’t breathe
Is it normal to have trouble concentrating
Is it normal to just want to think of you, dream of you

I long to hear your voice
Even though I hear it all the time

I long to read your words
Even though you write me all the time

No one has ever, and I mean ever, touched my world like this
I’m me. 
I don’t let men tip my balance like this.
You are not just any man, are you.

You are my forever love
There won’t be any turning back
I have given you my heart

So whether yes or no, good or bad, right or wrong,
You are my forever love
There won’t be any turning back.

That first moment
When we touch
When we embrace in hello
When we finally know deep inside
This is my guy
This is my girl

I can’t even imagine the power of that moment
But I can imagine the commitment
Because its already there
That will just be the ’t’ crossed, the ‘i’ dotted

We have said so much
And I know we both fully believe in every word

We need to physically confirm all of this
And we will

We will

We will….


There is this part of me
Oh how I wish things were different
That you weren’t trying under seemingly bad motives
That you would have been more transparent
That you weren’t out to take advantage of me.

And there’s a fraction of a chance I’m wrong
But I doubt it
Too many secrets
Too many red flags
To many unanswered questions

I have an answer for anything you will throw at me
But you’re maintaining silence and distance
I guess
I guess I hope that continues

It doesn’t hurt so much as it gives a headache
Because I suspected all the long
That you



You sure put a lot of time and effort in
Which is the only thing that’s making me
In the tiniest way possible
Give pause to I might be wrong

But I don’t think so
I just don’t think so

I think God, my dad, my spirit team whole
Protected me this day
On the anniversary of my dad’s passing


I move on

The search is over 
The quest is done
How wonderful it would have been
If this would have been different.


It’s not.

The hard part is
Even with red flags turning pink
I meant

Scammer You

The house is quiet
Save the moment of movement by cleaning crew work

The house is quiet
The urgent whispers of trying to reconcile with you
Clouding my vision
Endangering my well-being
Because this is all way too much
Way too hard

The house is quiet
You’re not here
Not on the phone, nor text, nor screen
And in person feels like some distant dream.

The house is quiet
My heart imprisoned by some silent fist not letting go
It hurts

The house is quiet
Because there’s some brokenness now
Unexpected for the most part
But not all
And hurtful beyond measure for both of us

The house is quiet
Will it be forever
Don’t know

I do know
Everything hurts right now
There isn’t joy or peace

Only conflict and sorrow

I don’t want my heart to be full of lies - mine or yours
IF there even are any
Nor my head constantly overthinking 
I understood it and you the first time
I don’t intend to continue turning red flags into white ones
I do intend to try and wade through the angry waves of disappointment
To get to


Too Much Pain to Bear

The quiet of the house has returned
The silence of no calls from someone I thought
Could have been special
If not a fraud
There is that

But the loneliness is back
Full throttle
Fate intervened
More probably defined as my Spirit Team
Reinforcing what every friend said

Fraud and scam, scam and fraud

No tears are necessary
At least not for him
The loss this day far far greater
Dearest ones of my childhood and beyond
29 days apart their deaths

I miss you like it was yesterday


I have collapsed
I could feel my heart breaking
Is it breaking in half, just in the one place?
Has it shattered? 
How will all the pieces mend, come together again
Is healing even possible?

You didn’t just walk in
You manipulated
Groomed me for reasons only you know
Because I never let it get that far

Yet I miss you
I do
I miss the conversations
The writings of love
The texts
Your voice
Your accent
Your everything (well almost)
That I never even met in person

Not sure how a man gets to that place
To want to literally use and abuse
I saw it from the beginning
Just didn’t want to believe 
That a heart so seemingly perfect 
Was capable of such betrayal

My little heart
Just when it was starting to trust again
Is betrayed again
By something that could have been

But wasn’t
And wasn’t ever going to be.