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WINDS Scholarship Announcement

~ Billie K. Fidlin, President

Whisper n Thunder is honored to announce the re-naming

of our largest scholarship to: The Janet L. Bernard & Russ Letica

WINDS Scholarship. This scholarship represents support of

$2,500.00 in response to academic excellence in the

application process.

                                                                   The Janet L. Bernard Scholarship honors the mother of our                                                                              long  time  Vice President, Russ Letica, as well as Russ himself,                                                                      who passed late  last year. Ms. Bernard passed on December                                                                        28th, 2021 and was a  member of the Madawaska Maliseet                                                                            First Nation. Russ passed on  September 1st, 2023. Our Board                                                                      of Directors unanimously voted to  name our largest                                                                                        scholarship after them both in their honor. It is with  great                                                                                honor and fond memories that we cherish these two most                                                                              important people to Whisper n Thunder.

May our future scholars continue to serve Indian Country in the manner in which both mother and son have done - with words, actions and impact. To apply for a scholarship from Whisper n Thunder, please click on: