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SPOTLIGHT ON OUR SISTERS: Ali Robles, Heaven Stars Academy

~ Dr. Dawn Karima

Q) Could you please introduce

yourself to our readers? 

A) Hello, my name is Ali Robles,

and I'm the proud owner of Heaven

Stars Academy Virtual Preschool.

I am an ardent educator and

innovator with a profound

commitment to early childhood

education. I earned my degree in

Early Childhood and Elementary

Education 16 years ago, and since

then, I've been teaching preschool

children. My journey includes 7

years in daycare preschools and nearly 10 years in the public school system. Virtual preschool has allowed me to engage in what I cherish most: teaching young children, spending quality time with my kids (who assist me in every class), and sharing God's word. I believe my strength lies in teaching kids, and this helps me make our classes both interactive and enjoyable. Research indicates that children learn best through play, so I strive to design lessons that feel more like fun games than structured classes.

Q) What inspired you to become a preschool teacher? 

A) My love for children was the main reason I became a preschool teacher. Even as a child, I loved the lively spirit, curiosity, and happiness of young children. I always dreamed of being a teacher, and I even taught kindergarten kids at my church's school when I was just 12. It wasn't just a dream; it felt like my true calling. I realized how important a teacher is in a child's life, in sparking their curiosity, building their confidence, and shaping how they see the world. With our online preschool, I get to share God's love with these children, showing them that Jesus loves them and wants to be their friend. The years between ages 2 and 6 are so important for a child's development. They are learning and taking in everything around them, like sponges. It's a great chance to influence them in a positive way, and lay a strong base for their future learning and their spiritual life with Jesus. My love for children, the joy I get from encouraging their curiosity, and the chance to make a big difference in their early years inspired me to become a preschool teacher.

Q) Can you tell us about your preschool? 

A) Heaven Stars Academy is a faith-based virtual preschool offering on-demand classes. Families can watch the lessons as many times as they wish and at their convenience. Our program is an excellent resource for homeschooling parents as we provide a comprehensive curriculum and rich experiences. Working parents can also find value in our virtual preschool for their children. Our goal is to prepare children for the school years ahead. At Heaven Stars Academy, children will learn basic literacy skills like alphabet knowledge, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, print awareness, pre-writing skills, listening comprehension, sight words, and a love for reading. We also cover math skills such as counting, number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, sorting, classifying, and pattern recognition. All of this is facilitated through hands-on activities, science experiments, arts and crafts, manipulatives, and puppetry. Most importantly, they will learn to pray, trust in God, and memorize Bible verses and Christian songs. We collaborate with other teachers to offer Spanish classes, dance classes, art classes, music classes, cooking classes, and field trips. We also provide a private Facebook group for parents where we share ideas and knowledge. Once a month, we have live classes on Saturdays where we discuss the weather, the days and months of the year, read Bible stories, and do hands-on activities. Students receive printouts and activity ideas to extend their learning at home. We celebrate birthdays and at the end of the year, children receive a certificate of completion. Students in the United States also receive a welcome package.

Q) How can parents enroll their children? What are the benefits of virtual learning? 

A) Parents can easily enroll their children through our website: The advantages of our virtual school extend beyond offering a high-quality education. It ensures learning in a safe and comfortable environment, whether that be your child's home or any other preferred location. It's a screen-safe choice for both parents and children. With me as your child's teacher, backed by many years of experience and deep understanding of child development, your children will have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and revisit the videos as many times as they want.

Q) What advice do you offer parents to help create a love of learning? 

A) I would advise parents to stay actively involved in their child's education. Parents are a child's first and most impactful teacher. I encourage parents to extend their child's learning at home by asking them questions about what they've learned, reviewing topics with them, and making these sessions fun. For instance, they could sing the songs we learn in class together, review the Bible verses we learn each week, or complete the printouts related to the weekly theme available on our website. I appreciate it when parents engage in the activities we do during class, like pausing the video to gather objects for a scavenger hunt, or getting materials ready for a science experiment, art project, or other activities.

Q) What are your greatest goals for your students? 

A) My greatest goal for my students is to ensure they receive a premier, Jesus Christ-based education. I cherish when parents tell me that their child is singing our songs, praying to God, repeating the Bible verses, and learning letters, numbers, shapes, rhyming words, sight words. My ultimate goal is to prepare children for kindergarten (whether they attend a traditional school or homeschool) and to instill a strong faith in their lives, ensuring they know that Jesus loves them and is always there for them.

Q) Is there anything else you'd like to share? 

A) I would like to invite all parents reading this article to experience our Heaven Stars Academy. Don't miss out on the incredible things happening at our academy. I assure you that you won't regret enrolling your child in our program. Our fun, dynamic, and engaging teaching style encourages children to learn a lot and to develop a deeper love for Jesus. We are currently offering one free week for newcomers. Plus, you'll receive a weekly newsletter about your child's development.

“Train up a child in the way that he should go; when he is old he will not depart from it”. Proverbs 22:6